I like him

I'm just an average girl who fell in love


3. Chapter 3

Luke's pov

I woke up to the sound if my alarm at 6:30. Way too early I know, but I wanted to shower and tidy the house because it's Saturday and I'm going to invite Georgia round. She's beautiful!

I had my shower, making a mess a usual, I had to tidy it up tho, I did my hair put on some ripped skinny jeans with my favourite nirvana top, with my black vans and grabbed my keys and walking out the house.

I hesitated as I got on the door, I knocked. Thinking to myself 'what if she doesn't want to and rejects me?' She finally opened the door, she was wearing sweats and a batman crop top, he hair in a messy bun, She looked gorgeous even tho she'd only just got up!

'Hey I er was wondering if you wanted to come round for a movie day?' I asked awkwardly smiling

She could tell I was nervous and said 'no need to be so nervous Luke, I would love to! Let me just got and get my shoes'

Wow. She said yes. She's coming round my house yay.

We walked over to my house, talking about random stuff, she sat in the living room whilst I ran upstairs, got us blankets and into the kitchen to get snacks and drinks! I decided to let her pick the first film, she picked mean girls which is my favourite movie

'Lets watch mean girls' she squealed

'Yeah okay I love this film' I laughed

We sat apart for 20 mins, of the films, and I saw her shaking, I forgot to turn the fuckin heating on we'll done Luke. 'Georgia you're shivering, come here' I said putting my arms out.

She hesitated then accepted and came and snuggled up to me.

When the film finished I looked down and she was asleep, it was only 2.17pm. I just decided to let her sleep, a few moments later I found myself drifting off to sleep from the sound of her breathing! Damn this girl is amazing!

A/n sorry shitty chapter

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