I like him

I'm just an average girl who fell in love


2. Chapter 2

Still Georgia's pov

As we arrived in Australia we grabbed out bags and me, mum and dad got a taxi to our new house.

I got out, the car and looked up, it was beautiful! 2 stories high! I ran up to the door and opened it, I ran upstairs to my bedroom to see what it was like. It was pink and blue with a king sized bed that could fit 10 people in it. I decided to start unpacking. That took me and hour, then I went downstairs.

'Mum, Dad can I go out and look around the neighbourhood?' I asked

'Yeah as long as your back by 6 it's fine.' Mum replied

It was 4;30 now so that should be fine! I slipped my black vans on and walked out the house, I started walking along the road and saw my next door neighbour standing at his door, he started walking towards me. He was gorgeous. Ocean blue eyes and Dirt blonde hair. Dreamy!

'Er hey I'm Luke' he said with an awkward smile

'Hey Luke I'm Georgia! I'm new around here, just moved it' I replied smiling

He smiled back and asked if I wanted to come in and meet his friends, and have pizza with them. I obviously agreed!

I walked in and there was 3 guys and 2 girls. One of the guys had blonde and brown hair, another had black and the other one had awesome red hair! 'Hiya I'm Ashton' the blonde brown haired one said pulling me into a hug

We started to eat the pizza

'Im Calum' the black haired one said whilst bringing me into a hug also

'And im Michael, these two are Chelsea and Chloe' the red haired one said whilst pointing to the girls. Thy were really pretty, the both had blonde hair and brown eyes.

'Hey guys lovely to meet you all I'm Georgia, thankyou for the pizza an all that but I really need to get home, hopefully see you all again soon?' I said sweetly

'Sure byee' they all said at the same time

'Ill walk you to your door' Luke said

We walked to my door I said 'goodbye' to Luke and he kissed me on the cheek I smiled but could feel my cheeks burning up.

I walked in and shut the door behind me. I ran upstairs got in my pjs and got into bed, I couldn't stop thinking about him, the walk his lips touched my cheek and we've only just met. I soon drifted off to sleep with Luke on my mind.

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