Haven't Been Caught

5 Seconds of Summer isn't young anymore, matter of fact they have families. Meaning they have children, but what happens when Ashton's son and Calum's daughter fall in love? What will the two dad's think about this, and or the mother's?


3. Chapter 2


Are you ready for more?

You better be coz you kinda have no choice tbh.



Charlotte's POV:


I was sitting in a hard, cold, wooden chair and took a sip of my water.

"So Calum, your little girl isn't so little anymore." Luke remarked, trying to make conversation. I smile at his comment, and took a bite of the pasta that was piled on my plate.

"God dammit Luke, don't remind me. It's like it was only yesterday, she was only in her pig tails and on her way off to primary school." My dad said, as he proudly scanned my face. I rolled my eyes.

I'm not going to say anything...

"Dad, you weren't there on my first day of primary school." I softly stated, fiddling with the hem of my sweater.

"Char, take that back right now." My mom said sternly. My dad's facial expression was hurt, and disappointed. I shrugged as I got glances from everyone except for Seth.

"Sorry for saying the truth, Dad. Now if you will excuse me I've lost my appetite." I said, patting my lips with a napkin and laying it on my plate. I stood up and walked outside inhaling the fresh, clean air.   

My breath turned shaky, my legs weak.

"Charlotte?" Someone murmurs from behind me. I turned around to see my dad. I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around him.

"Daddy, I'm sorry....I'm so, so, so sorry." I cried into his chest. He started to stroke the back of my head lightly.

"Shh..baby girl...it's okay. I know it was hard not having me around, but i'm here now. I'm here forever...I'm not going anywhere."

He kissed my cheek and went inside. I decided to lay down among the blades of grass, and lose myself in the stars.

"What the hell, why are you out here?" I hit of sarcasm filled the atmosphere. I knew exactly who it was, Seth.

"Clearing my head." Was all I could seem to get out of my mouth. Seth sat beside me and glanced at me every now and then.

"Look, about earlier.." I started to speak before her cut me off.

"No..don't say your sorry, because your right. We shouldn't be together, our love would be impossible, but I'm never going to stop feeling the way I feel about you."

"Seth, let's go!" Ashton said as he held a tight grip of his daughter. With that Seth got up and ran to his dad, once he got to the car he gave me a wink. I groaned and looked back up at the stars.

Why does he make me feel this way? It's like he wants to ruin me.

I can't stop loving him, nor will I ever stop loving him. For me to stop loving him is like telling a drug addict to put down the joint. Impossible.

I have to shut my feelings out, and try to forget about the way he made me feel. It isn't safe for me to love him. It'll only rip me into a million pieces.







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