Em and Eric are the bestest of friends, well they were. Eric was in a lower grade so they didn't talk all the way up till they were in the same hallway. Will there love finally be told, or will they just go back to being friends.


7. Worst feeling

~Eric back in school, at recess again~

"Hey come on we have to tell him sometime" DUstin said

"I know i just dont want to, i dont wana hurt him" I said almost started crying

"Jason come here for a second." He said to one of my classmates


"Can you go and tell Eric me and Em are dating?"

"Uhhh, yeah i guess i can." he said and ran to tell him. I cant do this, im gona hate myself for so long. I got this feeling in my stomach, it was hatred.... Hatred against myself. How could i have been so stupid.

"He said you guys can go fuck yourselfs" Jason said and walked away. OMG no he hates me how could i do this. I love him.


I was watching a cooking show with Sean on Netflix when i got a text.

Eric- I hate you, never talk to me again. 

 I got the worst feeling in the world. I literally started crying. I love him to much to loose him. Not when were still this young.

Em- Please Eric dont do this im so sorry

Eric- Save it

Em- Eric we've been friends forever, i dont not want to be friends.

Eric- Yeah me niether

Em- I know ur mad and you have every right to be. but do u thing you could ever forgive me?

Eric- Idk

We started talking again, like best friends should. We talked like nothing ever happened. Maybe this isn't as bad as i thought i was going to be.

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