Em and Eric are the bestest of friends, well they were. Eric was in a lower grade so they didn't talk all the way up till they were in the same hallway. Will there love finally be told, or will they just go back to being friends.


5. Together

Eric- Hey do you wana go out with me?

I was so surprised that he liked me back. I thought he only liked me as a friend. I can not breathe!

Em- Is this like a joke or something? I know you're with Dustin. 

Eric- No joke i really like you

Em- Well then, yes:)

Eric- ok good:)

Omg Ive liked him since we were little! Its amazing that he actually likes me to!

"JAY OMG HE ASKED ME OUT!" I yelled waking up my step dad.

"NO WAYY! AWESOME!" She said almost as exited as i was. This was the happiest day of my life for sure!

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