Em and Eric are the bestest of friends, well they were. Eric was in a lower grade so they didn't talk all the way up till they were in the same hallway. Will there love finally be told, or will they just go back to being friends.


3. Talking again

When the game started they did pretty good. It was Jay, Eric, and his friend Dustin hanging out. I realized how much i missed Eric. He was funny we talked like we used to. It was the best night ever. Still being jealous that she wore his jersey. I think he might have realized I was kind of sad of that so she said she was cold and we switched. She wore my sweatshirt and I wore his jersey.

"Oh cool your wearing my jersey now." Eric said

"Yeah I look better in this than you look in that one" I said blushing and a giggle.

"Quit flirting you two! Its gross!" Dustin said with a weird face. We laughed and kept walking around the track. 

~End Of Game~

We won the game! Yay, Sean will finally be happy. Jay took pictures of Eric and I. We looked good if I do say so myself. Dustin kept looking at me. Does he like me?... Do I like him?...

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