Em and Eric are the bestest of friends, well they were. Eric was in a lower grade so they didn't talk all the way up till they were in the same hallway. Will there love finally be told, or will they just go back to being friends.


1. Remembering

Eric and I were playing the same stupid hunting game he loves so much. I hate the thought of hunting, the poor animals, but he loved it so I went along.

"I don't get it, what am i supposed to do?" I asked more confused than ever.

"Em it's easy just aim and shoot" He said like it was the easiest thing ever.

"I quit, I'll never get it!" I said pouting like a always did when I was little.

"Well I can see I'll be the provider in our family when we're older." He said but it didn't phase me like it does now. That's when we were about 4. He was my true best friend. I was at his house at lease once a week. His older brother and mine used to be good friends, and our moms are friends. Our friendship faded when he was held back in kindergarten. We hardly talked after that, for about 5 years. Until we were in the same hallway at school. That's when he changed my life.


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