Em and Eric are the bestest of friends, well they were. Eric was in a lower grade so they didn't talk all the way up till they were in the same hallway. Will there love finally be told, or will they just go back to being friends.


2. Jealousy

~Me in 8th grade and him in 7th~

"So you gonna win tonight?" I teased to my older brother, Sean,  whose football game was that night. Its homecoming so he really wanted to win.

"You know it!"  He said with a laugh. I smiled and went back to my room to get ready for school. I straightened my curly/wavy hair and put on my normal makeup routine which was a tan ish bronze and a light one to make it more even. A line of eyeliner on my top and bottom eyelid and a mascara. I wore a baggy sweatshirt and yoga pants. I checked my phone and I saw i had a text from Jay, my best friend. She said she was going to wear Erics jersey for the homecoming tonight... I had to think for a moment. About a million memories flew through my head of him. And I text her back.

E- Cool, I think I remember him.

J- Yeah wernt you like best friends with him or something?

E- Ya, ya I was...

J- Oh well I'll see you at school.

I grabbed my bag and went to the bus. With one thing on my mind, was I jealous that she was gonna wear his jersey?...



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