Life of a flower

Flower Nelson has been dating Cameron Dallas for two years. But when they break up and Dylan Dauzat moves to town he seems too good to be true. Will flower give him a chance or run back to Cameron?


1. prologue


" Hey Cam, what's up" my boyfriend and I talk on the phone every night, but when he answered the phone tonight he seemed nervous and anxious.

"Hey Flo I gotta talk to you. This is gonna be hard to say but we need to separate for awhile." I felt suddenly all the air in my lungs dissappear.

"You're funny Cam, We've been dating for two years. You said you love me." I thought things were going great but then again, everyone thinks like that nowadays.

" I'm sorry flo, but I head to California in the fall to make that movie, and you're gonna be here in Florida. We'll be apart and I do love you but I don't think that we can do long distance."

"Oh um ok, I have to go cam I have to clean my room." I hung up before he could hear me cry.

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