Remember Me? // Luke Hemmings

"I just want him to wake up," I look up at Calum who peers down at me pitifully. Tears slide down and I look at Michael and he has his head down, but I know he knows that my eyes are on him.
"I want him to remember me."


2. Chapter Two


They all look a little cute, I put my hair behind my ear but still stood my guard.

"Why are you here?" I ask glaring making sure they knew who was the boss and who was in charge.

"We're neighbors also your mother let us in for all you know we could simply be killers," Calum shrugs and chuckles.

"So? Tell me about yourself," says Ashton almost seductively.

"I used to live in Australia then I moved back to Florida now I am back here, my name is Jules I am 17 and I hate most stuff, in a week I will go to the high school around here, what about you?" I snicker I still felt powerful though.

"Luke and I play guitar, Calum plays bass guitar, and Ashton plays drums, we all sing though."

"Since we have to go now maybe we could sing for you later," Luke says probably the cutest out of all of them.

"Sorry we're doing soundcheck," says Ashton he gives me a ripped page, I glance at it seeing smudged letters.

"What is this?" I ask holding it out like it was pure poison.

"Our numbers, our skype usernames, and our emails."


"Well we owe you for leaving you when you're obviously new here," replies Calum smirking and then they march out of my room leaving me feeling lonely I sit down on my bed feeling hollow.

My mother comes in and smiles, "Aren't they nice boys I find Luke and Calum especially cute!"

"They sing and play instruments," I add getting up and brushing my pants.

"Oh how nice, I would like to hear that!"


"Are you guys ready?" asks Mr. Dowell the person in charge of our sound check, instruments, and other sound/music related things.

We all nod and start we record the voice then the instruments.

Luke: Even when the sky is falling down Even when the earth is crumbling round my feet

Calum: Even when we try to say goodbye You can cut the tension with a knife in here

We finish Gotta Get Out then listen to our voices with no instruments.

"Well, I'll see you guys in four days for the recording of your instruments then in seven days you'll hear it finished.

We nod and walk out of the building.

"Jules is hot," says Michael smirking.

"What?" I ask amused but also surprised.

"She's hot, don't you see?" Asks Ashton annoyed.

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