Remember Me? // Luke Hemmings

"I just want him to wake up," I look up at Calum who peers down at me pitifully. Tears slide down and I look at Michael and he has his head down, but I know he knows that my eyes are on him.
"I want him to remember me."


3. Chapter Three


I walked in the school barely hearing my thoughts because it was so loud.

A few days ago the boys came down, and Michael was so flirting, I think, but if he ever did ask me out I would totally say yes because he's polite, cute, funny, and hot! Hot like the rest of the boys.

I banged my head on my locker, what the fuck am I thinking?

"What are you doing?" I hear a gentle voice and I turn around seeing beautiful comforting blue eyes, Luke. I chuckle and shrug.

"Can I see your schedule?" I ask and rip it out of his hands seeing we have the same classes, "If there's homework you can come over after school?"

He nods as we walk to Homeroom.

"Do you like America?" He asks as we walked down the empty halls, we were going to be so late, but I doubt he minded.

I shrug.


After we finished the homework I put our names on each paper and looked up seeing Jule's eyes on me.

"Yes?" I ask a chuckled.

"I like your eyes," she seemed to be leaning in I didn't move I was frozen I couldn't move. I felt nervous I look down at her lips which were smiling I look at her seeing her beautiful brown eyes, "I like a lot of things about you."

"I like your personality too," I say sounding geeky her hand was on my mind making my heart beat faster and faster. I smile at her weakly.

"Do you want to stay for dinner?" She asks and pulls back and puts her papers in her folders.

"My brothers need me," I say quietly and get up grabbing my backpack, "Thanks."

"You have brothers?"

"Yes I have two." I say and scurry out before we get to close like we did minutes ago.

I find Michael pulling up and only Michael, what time is it? I check my watch 5:34, well this may look awkward.

"Why were you there?" Asks Michael getting out and walking up to me.

"Homework," I bite my lip and walk away but Michael follows, "We're in the same classes."


"HAH!" I say yelling at Luke, I was suspicious, angry, and jealous, didn't he know I LIKED her. God damn it.
"It's true," he says walking across the street.

I threw my hand up and did the middle finger at him, he saw but as calm as he is he ignored me and walked to his house, I turned around seeing Ms. Gallaher (I don't know if I ever said her last name).

"Mr. Clifford what was that about?" She asks her voice was shaky, calm, but angry.

"We got in an argument."

"That gives you no option to do that to a living being!"

"MOM!" I hear Jules yell.

"Unless you can prove your ways, I do not want to see you at my house again," and Ms. Gallaher walks off making me shameful I walk back to my car and scream banging on the steering wheel.

I start the car and drive away from her house.

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