Remember Me? // Luke Hemmings

"I just want him to wake up," I look up at Calum who peers down at me pitifully. Tears slide down and I look at Michael and he has his head down, but I know he knows that my eyes are on him.
"I want him to remember me."


1. Chapter One

[Not Edited]


I shift around in my seat eyes on me from my younger brother and sister, James and Jenny who are twins and my mother, we were moving from Florida to Australia again. I used to live in Australia, I actually lived there since I was 11 then I moved to Florida until I was 17.

I slumped down in my seat and James and Jenny gave me funny glances, after two minutes my mother pulled over and looked at me, "What is it Jules?"

"What is what?" I ask knowing where this is headed.

"Why are you acting so squirmish?" She asks without hesitation tossing her beautiful light brown curls to behind her ear, I have wavy brown hair with hazel/brownish eyes and I am medium height for my age 17 and James and Jenny have light brown hair like my mother, Jenny has curly hair which is normally put into braids, James has his hair fine. They're both 12 years old, boy it was a hassle getting them on a plane to and from Australia.

"I just am nervous," I answer and we continue driving until we end up at a white light blue victorian house most of the paint was faded but anyways it was a pretty nice house.

We sat in the driveway in silence absorbing the presence of it, then my mother spoke up, "There are 4 bedrooms, 2 are small which is right next to each other your rooms are painted Green and Pink, then the 2 largest rooms are mine and Jules we each have a bathroom to our self so James and Jenny your bathroom will be shared and is across from your room. Next, the kitchen is pretty good and we have most of our furniture set up also we have our rooms already made, so if there are any boxes I want you to set that up."

I grab my suitcase, my boxes, my jacket, and my phone and rush upstairs to see a large purple room! I set my phone on the bed and smell the freshness of the room.


My mother swatted me on the shoulder with her oven mitt, "Luke set a good impression on the new neighbors for us, and you too!"

I glanced at Michael, Calum, and Ashton nervously and marched and saw a girl jog into her house, my mother came out and shoved a basket into my arms.

"What's in it?" Asks Calum after my mom left.

"Cookies, Soap, our phone number, a map, and a phone book."

I rolled my eyes as I said it and walked across the street and right into the lady's lawn.

"I live right across from you, welcome to the neighbor hood! I am Luke Hemmings, these are my friends Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and MIchael Clifford."

"Why thank you," she takes the basket and smiles, "My daughter is upstairs she's around your age why don't you go and meet her?"

We walk upstairs quietly and enter a room where the girl spun around with her dazzling brown wavy hair which made her look very gorgeous when she spun around.

"Who are you?" She acts pointing at each of us suspiciously.

"Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael," replies Michael forcing a smile.


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