Remember Me? // Luke Hemmings

"I just want him to wake up," I look up at Calum who peers down at me pitifully. Tears slide down and I look at Michael and he has his head down, but I know he knows that my eyes are on him.
"I want him to remember me."


4. Chapter Four


It was finally Saturday, we were all hanging out at Luke's except Michael of course he said he was sick but when Calum told me that Ashton snickered and Calum looked uncomfortable, I don't think Luke was told. Michael still appeared cute to me, but I think I have a crush on Luke now.

"What movie?" Asks Luke bending over to a lot of movies.

"Have you ever seen Titanic?" I ask sitting criss cross on his cozy couch.

"We don't have tha-" Luke says but gets interrupted by Calum.


We all nod and we watch it making fun of it, laughing with it, and we sometimes ignore scenes to laugh and chat.

"Have you guys started writing any songs yet?"

"A little," says Luke and then looks down shyly.

"Do you know the name yet?" Asks Ashton looking at Luke.

"I don't even have the notes written down," says Luke and looks back at Madagascar.

"Okay," Calum nods.

Luke looks at me and I saw those big beautiful blue eyes. God why is he killing me like that? I smile slightly and he smiles back.

"It's been a week and 5 days since we met, I believe?" I ask and raise my capri sun up and I yell "CHEERS!"

The rest caught on and they did as well.

I hear a Beep! From my phone and glance down at it.

Calum: We need to talk.

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