Cameron and I

Stevie is a huge fan of Cameron and his friends, she gets super excited when she gets to see them. But when she gets there she bumps into Cam... long story short they start dating and the gang ends up living with her, but things go wrong, everyone else falls in love with her so she has to decide who she will pick. I bet you already know who it is. (Pretty easy CAM)


1. The Beginning

     One day Stevie was watching vines when she saw a vine that Cameron and Nash  posted and they were coming to Kansas in in USA. She was so exited, a few weeks later she went to go see all of her favorite viners. When she got there she got to take a picture with all of them one by one, when she took a picture with Cameron he said she was the most prettiest girl he has ever seen. He told her to come on stage with them and after words come with them to go get pizza,She said okay. When they went to go get pizza Cameron looked at Stevie and said will you please date me i will do anything to be your boyfriend... " Yes a million times yes!" she said, then he kiss her on the lips and told everyone the good news but The sad (but good) thing was Cameron, Carter, Nash, Hayes, Matthew, and Shawn didn't have a place to live and asked if  they could live with her, "Yes why not." she said  When they all got to her place She told them were they would be sleeping, Cameron got to sleep in her bed!! 

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