Cameron and I

Stevie is a huge fan of Cameron and his friends, she gets super excited when she gets to see them. But when she gets there she bumps into Cam... long story short they start dating and the gang ends up living with her, but things go wrong, everyone else falls in love with her so she has to decide who she will pick. I bet you already know who it is. (Pretty easy CAM)


2. Falling For Her

   After a few weeks something bad happened... not only is Cameron in love with Stevie now so is Nash, Carter, Shawn, Hayes, and Matthew. When they told her, she got all happy but that only lasted for a few seconds. "What am I supposed to do?" she said "Well we all love you and I know this will be hard but you have to chose between us." Nash said.  I like you all but you're making me choose and that's goanna be really hard.

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