Levi's girl

SPOILER ALERT: Levi (from Attack on Titan) has the same last name as Mikasa, His name is Levi Ackerman!! Now, this part is fan fiction, but one day a girl by the name Leah Ackerman shows up, claiming to be Levi's daughter!! Eren and Mikasa are officially dating and both in their late twenties. The couple take the girl in until it's decided, they're going train her, in secret, no one must know of her!


3. Training

I wake up and panic. Where am I? I jump out of the strange bed when everything comes back to me. I found Eren and Mikasa. I am safe, daddy said to listen to them. 

"Good morning, Leah," I hear from the next room.

I walk out to see Eren and Mikasa in the kitchen. Mikasa is cooking and Eren is cleaning. I stare at them, they seem utterly perfect together. That's when I notice a few bundles on the floor.

A knock on the door startles me. I jump behind Mikasa and Eren answers the door. A strange man is there. He comes in and sets down three big boxes. Another man sets a lot of smaller but still pretty big boxes down. Both men nod and leave.

"What's this Eren?" Mikasa asks.

"Gear and fuel, we're going outside the walls, I have friends in the scout regiment who will give us supplies once a week."

I gasp in shock, daddy said they might train me, but I didn't think they would. I realize what the bundles are for.

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