Levi's girl

SPOILER ALERT: Levi (from Attack on Titan) has the same last name as Mikasa, His name is Levi Ackerman!! Now, this part is fan fiction, but one day a girl by the name Leah Ackerman shows up, claiming to be Levi's daughter!! Eren and Mikasa are officially dating and both in their late twenties. The couple take the girl in until it's decided, they're going train her, in secret, no one must know of her!


2. Levi is alive

Eren and I put the girl to bed and went to our room to talk.

"So those rumor that you and Levi... Well you know, those were true?" I asked Eren.

Eren blushed deeply, "Yes, Levi and I were partners. We still were when he disappeared. I was scared to tell you, I didn't want you to leave, you and I have been together for 2 years now."

"So even while you and I were dating?" I asked a bit roughly.

"Yes, in fact we were going to invite you to start joining us..."

I pushed Eren down on our bed and got on top of him, I could tell that the idea of the three of us together excited him. 

"You should have just asked sooner, I would have said yes."

Eren pulled me in for a kiss that took my breath away. We would have continued but he pushed me up a bit.

"We need to find him, but first, Leah. I think we should train her." He looked at me, dead serious.

"Lets do it." I say.

With that, Eren flips me off him, lays me on the bed, straddles me and kisses me. He gets off me, removes his shirt then lays down and pulls me close to him. His heart beat calms me, I close my eyes and fall asleep.

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