Levi's girl

SPOILER ALERT: Levi (from Attack on Titan) has the same last name as Mikasa, His name is Levi Ackerman!! Now, this part is fan fiction, but one day a girl by the name Leah Ackerman shows up, claiming to be Levi's daughter!! Eren and Mikasa are officially dating and both in their late twenties. The couple take the girl in until it's decided, they're going train her, in secret, no one must know of her!


1. I found Eren and the girl.

I found them. Eren Jaeger and the girl, her name was Mikasa. Daddy said I could trust them. I need to follow them until they are alone.


"Excuse me?" A girl approached Mikasa and I.

"Hello, are you lost? I'm Eren Jaeger. This is Mikasa Ackerman." I stare at the girl, something is familiar about her, those eyes, and her hair...

"My daddy said I could trust you. I'm Leah." The girl stares at me.

"And who is your daddy?" Mikasa asks the girl.

She glances around then leans towards us, "My daddy is Levi Ackerman."

Levi has a daughter?! How could he keep this from me? Levi and I were... close... in the past, and we still are. But Levi went missing a few months back.

The girl is still staring at me, "He said you and him were really good friends and that I could trust you."

My face turns scarlet red and Mikasa glances at me, she lean in and whispers, "What did Levi mean by close friends?"

I whisper back, "Levi and I were... friends with quite a lot if benefits, no, it was more that I was his play thing..."

​Mikasa stood straighter and looked at the girl, "If you truly are his daughter, no one can see you here."

Quickly we led the girl to the house we shared together. Mikasa made sure we were not followed. I opened the door and ushered her inside. As soon as Mikasa was in, I shut the door and locked it.

"Who is your mother?" Mikasa questioned her.

"Momma is dead, she was eaten by titans."

I stared at this girl, she was going through the same thing as me. Her mother eaten by titans and her father missing.

"Where is Levi?" I blurted out.

"Outside the walls, where momma lived." 

Mikasa and I stared at this girl, Leah, in shock. Levi was alive and outside the walls.

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