his texts to styles. [ kurt hummel & harry styles text message story. ]

kurt hummel texts the wrong number and that just so happens to be harry styles.


1. day one.

kurt: finn! you'll never guess what happened today!

unknown number: i believe you have the wrong number, love.

kurt: oh gosh! im sorry. who is this though? im kurt! 

unknown number: oh, um i'd rather not say. maybe you'll find out sometime. but i dont mind hearing what you were going to tell this finn guy.

kurt: oh, it was erm, kinda personal. 

unknown number: oh, well you can share it if you would like to. i can help. 

kurt: well, um... these jocks at my school? yeah they're bullying me. i may or may not have... cut myself because of them. i'm sorry if thats a trigger, it's just hard here in lima ohio. sigh. i'm sorry, you probably think im some depressed freak...

unknown number: oh my gosh...

unknown number: no no no, i don't. but are you okay? you didnt cute yourself too deep did you? oh god oh god.

kurt: oh wow, and no. i didn't. even if i want to. look, i gotta go now. i'm getting yelled at. ill talk to you sometime soon stranger, okay? 

unknown number: okay, deal. i'll text you tomorrow. and my names harry.

kurt: alright, have a nice evening harry!!

harry: you as well kurt!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


authors note ;;

hi and welcome to my first story on here! This is a text message story where glee star Kurt Hummel is depressed and he texts the wrong number, aka Harry Styles.

I hope you guys enjoy reading, and ill try and update often <3 xx

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