2 Sides Of 1 Coin//SLOW UPDATES

Gia has 2 sides. One is good and one is bad. She just became like that because her best friend leaves her for 9 years. He finally comes back and tries to apologize. He never knew she was like that because of him. He tries to fix her but eventually gives up. What happens if his band mate becomes close to her and is the one to change her?

Read 2 Sides Of 1 Coin to find out.


2. 2

Marcus' POV:

Where did she go? I know why she ran off and all but I never it was going to be now.

"Where did she go."

"No where just follow me stupid ass!"

I made my way to the bar with Michael behind me. I saw a bunch of popular yet drunk kids pointing and laughing their asses off. We were about there until the quarterback came to us and said, "Marcus my buddy. You need to choose better friends. The one you have now is stupid. Oh and Michael, how did you even stand her years ago?" He chuckled and left. Wait, did he say my friend. No. That can't be Gia. Once I walk up, I see Gia being put on a stretcher. Why? Why is she like this? Good thing Michael doesn't know her secret. If he knew then Gia wouldn't be like this. I guess- "Hey Marcus, why is Gia like this?"

"Michael, she's been through some tough shit. If you payed attention to one of your specific band members you would know why." He looked confused.

Michael's POV:

What the hell did he mean by 'If you payed attention to one of your specific band member'? Does it mean I know nothing about them, or just nothing in general. Then it hit me.... I know nothing about Gia anymore. My Gia, well, used to be mine, isn't mine anymore.


Okay guys that's it and I know it sucks and if I post like 1 chapter 4 times in a row, ignore it. I know this was short but it's midnight and I'm really tired and I have no more ideas to continue this chapter. BYE

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