2 Sides Of 1 Coin//SLOW UPDATES

Gia has 2 sides. One is good and one is bad. She just became like that because her best friend leaves her for 9 years. He finally comes back and tries to apologize. He never knew she was like that because of him. He tries to fix her but eventually gives up. What happens if his band mate becomes close to her and is the one to change her?

Read 2 Sides Of 1 Coin to find out.


1. 1

Gia's POV:


"Mama, where's Michael?" A little 9 year old asked.

"Don't worry baby he'll be here."


"I don't know baby. I don't know."

*End If Flashback*

I cried myself to sleep for 4 years. He just waved and then POOF he left without saying goodbye. Did he care? Or did he just use me for popularity? I was the most popular girl until he left. Ever since then everyone said that I was a slutty bitch and that he left me because I was too annoying. He said he loved me before we left! What is with him?! I bet now he's just a stuck up, selfish bitch.

Anyways, I'm Gia Maxwell. There's 2 sides of me. One good, one bad. My bad side is just a typical bad girl, I guess. You know drinking, partying, and stuff like that. My good girl side is just reading, studying, and obeying shit things.

But seriously, 4 YEARS?! What?! Like we were best friends and leaves from Australia to wherever he is. I bet he doesn't even know I'm like this because of him. He will never ever care. Hopefully, since it's been 9 years he forgot about me. He should've, right?

My best friend, Marcus, still tries to tell me he'll make a comeback. He never did.

"Hello? Gia? GIA!" Marcus said while snapping me out of my thoughts.


"I just saw the cheerleaders reading a magazine."


"It said on the cover that Michael is back here, in Sydney."

"No Marcus I'm not going to do anything about it. Anyways he shouldn't recognize me. I dyed my hair from black to blue. Plus I got braces and when the time is ready I'm going to put in blue colored contacts to cover my green eyes. I look completely different than I did 9 years ago."

"Okay, suit yourself."

I just walked away after that and headed into class. Just like normal, everyone pointed and giggled or chuckled and whispered something in their neighbors ear. I took my normal seat in the back and realized that they didn't point at me, they pointed to the one person I never thought I'd see again............ Michael. I got ready and put my colored contacts on so he couldn't tell it was me. He went up to Mr. Kluzo and passed him a note and he just left. What? Ok at least he's not in my class. Hopefully he doesn't remember me.

Shit. He's walking up to me. "Hi." He said. "Hi." I started to walk away. "Wait." "Yes?" "Gia?" Shoot. "Yes that's my name but who are you?" "You don't remember?" "No." "Ok." Before he walked away he mumbled, "I'm sorry." And with that one sentence I knew I was doing something wrong.

Michael's POV:

I swear I thought that was Gia. Her voice. No. It can't be her. She has blue hair. The Gia I knew had black. This Gia has blue eyes and braces. The Gia I knew, and loved, had bright green, hazel, goldish eyes. Who am I kidding. Even if I know it's her she won't talk to me and I won't know why. Well let's see. I have to go to the Mission Hall. Ok cool. Maybe my roommate knows something about her. Room 427.

*Knock Knock*

"Yes?" A guy asked.

"Oh um I was told that this was my room too."

"Oh ok come on in."

"Marcus who was that?!" A girl asked.

Gia's POV:

"Marcus who was that?!" I asked.

"Come here and you'll know."


Suddenly, I got a text. It was from...... Marcus? He's in the same room as me why would he need to send a text. I still read it though.

Put on your contacts. Michaels here. - Mar xx

Shoot. I put them on quickly then walked out.

Michael looked at me like I was crazy but I had to tell him. Well after he tells me who he is even though I know him. It was awkward until Michael said,



"So first of all I want to say that I'm going to be your new roommate."

"Cool but I need to get to know my roommates so your name is?" I said like I don't know him. Marcus and I kept giving each other confused glares.

"Well I am Michael Clifford and I'm in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer."

"Oh me and Marcus know your band. I didn't know you were in it and no offense you guys are just a wannabe Nirvana. I have no idea about Marcus but I feel that way." Marcus just agreed.

"Well you look familiar Gia. You look like my childhood friend."

"Well let Gia you should say it now." Marcus said butting in. Michael just gave us confused looks.

"Michael. Michael oh dear Michael. I am The Gia Maxwell you knew. But the keyword is knew. You don't know anything about me now." After I said that I took out my contacts.

Instead of saying something he jumped on me on me engulfing me in a hug. "I'm still mad. I waited on your porch everyday for 4 years but you never came back. You didn't even say bye!"

I just ran. I ran as far as my legs could take me. The only place for me to calm down is at the bar. I took as many shots I could take.

Finally, I was engulfed in my own darkness. This is your fault Michael Gordon Clifford. Fuck you.

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