The Daughter Of The Snow Queen

I am the Heiress to the throne of the isolated kingdom named Arendelle and the icy title of 'The Snow Queen'. It isn't all snow and beauty on my part — there's a lot of ice!

Being the Snow Princess is not as glamorous as it seems. Especially not when you get picked on about it at Royal School! Can Robyn juggle the power of friendships and her ice magic all at once? Or will the frozen heart never melt?


3. Icy Throne

I stare at it from afar. The points glimmer from the daylight shining on it's icy structure. Cold but beautiful. A snowflake pattern twinkles on the throne's back. There is no other way possible that it could have been made except by magic. Ice magic. And skilled ice magic at that. I look in awe at it's beauty. And that throne.... Belongs to no other than my mother. Queen Elsa of Arendelle, also known as the Snow Queen. That throne... Will be mine someday. Why? I am her daughter, Robyn, and I have magic too. Not nearly as wonderful as my mother or father's. I am still learning to control it.


I am edging towards the throne now; I can't stop myself. My feet feel frozen but are moving, as if a spell has been put on them. I'm nearly there now. Walking closer and closer. I gasp when I almost trip at the foot of the frosty seat. I cock my head to the side and cautiously look around at my surroundings. Icy steps, icy banister, icy carpet, icy chandelier, icy floor, icy walls, icy ceiling, icy door. Good, no one is here...


I turn around and gently lower myself onto it. The cold hits me straight away. If I was not the Snow Princess, I would have been icicles by now. The magic is strong enough to imprison in ice anyone who dares sit on it. Punishment for mocking the Royal Family. I straighten up my back and look ahead of me. Placing my arms on the rests, I imagine a whole kingdom at my feet.


"ALL HAIL QUEEN ROBYN OF ARENDELLE!!" They chant. My people are cheering loudly for me. My long, ebony hair has been pulled into a twist-back hairstyle with a silver icicle crown adorned with snowflakes sitting on my head. My skin as pale as snow. I wear a long, sky blue gown and hold a matching silver sceptre in my right hand, identical to the crown. 


Suddenly, the crowd goes silent and I head a familiar voice. I freeze as my fantasy goes dull.

"Caught in the act." An icy blast hits me and I fall to the ground.

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