Hidden In Plain Sight

She thought that she was a normal orphan girl. She figured that she wasn't needed or wanted by anyone. But she realized she was making her life worse as soon as she went into breaking the truth about her parents deaths. They both were killed on her birthday..... Her mom died during her birth and her dad... Just a few months ago, after she turned 15..... Who and what wants her? And why? For what?


1. Lowered down

Shiloh seems quite depressed. She takes it out in ways like being lazy, not wanting to do anything... sits in her room... is irritable a lot of the time. I've taken her Facebook away. Now I've got parental controls on her texting. That's ALL she was doing before. I think she's going through withdrawal now. Should I be concerned?

That was all my foster mom cared about... Not my feelings... Not my thoughts... Just if she should worry. All she cares about are the fine lines on her face, and her almost to gay to function boyfriend. She shared everything I did with her snotty, up-tight friends. 

 "Some teenagers think that showing feelings is a sign of weakness. However, the contrary is true. Those people that have the courage to share their feelings with their peers are likely to have healthier, happier, and longer lasting relationships. Teens and adolescents often have feelings of an intense nature that are difficult to handle. Teens may be embarrassed, thinking that there is something wrong with the feelings that they have. I have three words for you, share, share, and share."

Everything they tell her she tries to put into action. She gives me the newest clothes, phones, you name it and she'll spend her money out before she stops. She always says tat writing in this notebook would help. I never believed her at first but after a while, I started writing poems on howI feel.


March 24th

I felt so alone inside my head, 
A constant wish that I was dead.
Empty and broken, I was alone,
The reasons behind this? Unknown.…


March 31st


Realizing that this lost little girl
Who is staring back at her
Is in fact herself
Her reflection
And whispers to herself
"Who have I become?"


That was the question I always asked myself....

That's what I want to know.... 



Who have I become?







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