Nothing lasts forever


1. Chapter one

Karley had just moved into her new school. She was scared, but thrilled at the same time. She didn't exactly want to go but, when you get bullied everyday you just need some space. She was walking down to her 1st hour class which was Math, with Mr. Snider. Thoughts kept racing through her head, what if everyone thinks I'm a loser? She tried getting these thoughts out of her head as she neared the classroom.

She sat down in the back of the classroom hoping she could be invisible. Then class started. Mr. Snider asked for the homework and she passed her papers up. Then suddenly...

"Michael, where is your homework?" Said Mr. Snider. Everyone turned their head to look at Michael.

"Uh... I forgot about that." Replied a mumbly voice.

"Okay another zero then Mr. Clifford" replied Mr. Snider.

Karley turned her head to see that Michael had red hair, just like hers. She turned away and thought, hopefully not another mistake.

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