Grandma's House

Hi im red riding hood.. jk... im lavender shaw.
im the blood of pure light magic, and i'm crazy about my passion day ceremony. its when i discover what lies in my future and what was in my past. Before all this happens though, i must see my grandmother, she's awfully ill. i get to move into her place if she dies. Not that i want her to! its just that it is crazy spooky over there. and all the dogs are silent over there, except for one howl on full moon.... could it be.......?


2. Grandma

    Grandma was a petite woman with some very strange theories on life..  like a lot of these:



Secret-societies rule the world, Elvis is still alive and working down at the Piggly-Wiggly and giant lizards are in the White House. We certainly love our conspiracy theories and the Internet has become a giant repository of the paranoid, the disturbing and the downright crazy. We read it with a mixture of alarm and amusement, knowing most of it is improbable, but we’re still left with nagging doubts. After all, we know that governments really do assassinate people, commit criminal acts, and manipulate public opinion by the use of black propaganda. We know from published documents that the CIA experimented on unsuspecting subjects with LSD and that elements of American government really did consider carrying out terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens to manipulate public opinion back in the early 60s. So if the impossible is possible and the unthinkable has indeed been thought, then what else might be true ? If there’s even a little bit of truth in any of these ‘conspiracy theories’ then the world we live in is truly a terrifying place.

And this:

Wow my ghosty conspiracy is actually getting visitors after all these years, people are actually coming to turn up to find out about all out ghost knowledge so I guess we better get started providing stuff on ghosts and aliens and all kinds of conspiracy stuff there, I think I definitely have some stuff in the alien graves to talk about and I;m sure the evidence will astound you. 

I haven’t seen too many ghosts around but there are possibilities of some scary stuff existing and it being frightening and scary.

Or there could be ghosts and aliens attacking the twin towers. Wouldn’t that be crazy. Who knows. It’s that kind o fsuper natural conspiracy type stuff going on.

I heard theres another paranormal activity movie out. I’m not so sure about silly horror films I want to know the truth about the stories and the conspiracies involved when you know that there has been ghostly supernatural activity and extraterrestrial activity and it could not be as simple as some arab dudes with boxcutters just simply flying  a plane into the twin towers.

There is always more sinister involvement that we have to investigate, occult nazi’s and the existance of secret societies such as the illuminati and the masons whose agendas and global new world order plans must be examined and understood in terms of where we are in world politics today.

We know with the secret military technology available, some of what we are told in the media just cannot be true knowing what we do about what technology can predict.

The seeming random occurrence of some event just cannot be explained as anything other than orchestrated conspiracies to alter the power balance between potentially unseen and deeply contested rivals. BLAH BLAH!!

Or this:


#1. The Theory: The Universe Is Big

The Crazy Part: The part where the Universe isn't just bigger than you can possibly comprehend, but according to recent evidence, billions of times larger than that.What It Says: That the universe is big. So big, that just that fact, just its mere bigness, is enough to blow your tiny ant mind. And it just keeps getting bigger. Lets examine the famous Hubble Ultra Deep Field image, the most massive photo ever taken:





Right now, on your computer screen, are approximately 10,000 galaxies.


Each of those galaxies contains anywhere from ten million to one trillion stars.


The average star is roughly a million times the size of Earth.


And yet, with all that junk, the Universe is more than 90 percent empty space.


All of that, in this tiny photo. A photo that took 400 orbits and 800 exposures to take.


And the kicker? The photo covers one thirteen-millionth of the entire night sky.

So What Does This Do For Me? If youre like us, it leaves you alternately awash with spiritual wonder and horrified feelings of utter insignificance. Actually imagining just how infinitesimal you are in the scope of the universe is like autoerotic asphyxiation: its not as pleasant as youd think, and if you do it wrong you can end up a vegetable. And without getting too Douglas Adams on you, can you possibly imagine that much space and that many planets and stars and atoms smashing together without intelligent life forming? Now its just a matter of getting around that pesky general relativity and well be chilling with aliens in no time. Or, like, a million years.

Wait, It Gets Worse: So all that shit we just said about how big the universe is (at least 90 billion light years)? Forget it. Thats small beans. The Cosmological Horizon is here to make your day a whole lot more complicated. Since we can only observe stellar bodies that have had some effect on us (usually bombarding us with light), there is an outer limit to what we can see of the universe. Hence, the observable universe. What about the rest? The parts of the universe beyond our Starcraft-style fog of war? Well, according to some math we have no interest in going into, the size of the actual universe is so large that if the universe we just described (the impossibly, mind-bogglingly large one) were the size of a quarter, the actual universe would be the size of the Earth. Daaaaaaaamn.

Level Of Mind Blowing-ness: The sound of one hand clapping for a tree falling in the woods while no ones around except a guy whose skull is wired with C4.





I believe magic energy exists even now but in a much weaked form, i think magic energy ebbs and flows like the tides but over a very long period of time, for instance imagine magic is like the ice age only a little more frequent, when magic energy is at it's peak supernatural creatures are attracted to our plane of existence, that would confirm certain myths and legends and would explain the old gods, now i think magic energy is a sort of ambient background energy that is very hard to detect i also believe each and every human has at least a spark of this energy within then that they use without knowing, when a time comes when the magic energy flows across the world again freely we will see more and more amazing feats of magic performed. 






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