Capitol Girl

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4. Chapter 4

I was in shock. What about Elianus and Valor? "Are you alright?" Cinna said. "Do you need a fresh air?" He was concerned about me. I quickly pulled my face. I was smiling at him. "No." I said. "I will be fine." He smiled a sad smile and hugged me. I am not much hugger, that I truly appreciate his hug. As he left the place, someone took his place.

It was Grandma. "Are you alright?" She asked me. "Who is that man? He is handsome." "Grandma!" I rolled my eyes. "What? Back in the days, I was a beauty and all men fall over me. That's when I found your grandpa, god bless his soul. Oh my, he was handsome. When are you going to find a man?" She winked at me. "Grandma, there is no one." I explained. "Oh, really?" She smiled at me. "What about Elianus?" "Grandma!" I exclaimed. "Don't worry about it. I can keep a secret." I shake my head. "Oh, someone want to see you." She said with a frown. "Him." It was my betrothed.

It was my betrothed, Indigo Pyrmont. I didn't like him at first, when my father brought him home. No, don't like him. I quite despite him not because he is snotty, but because we have nothing in common. He often cheats on me with these ladies, and I can care less. He said "Ana, come meet my friends, and this is Sabille, and Eustacia." It is Anneline, stupid. I thought. You can't remember my name. He is eerily nice to me. I nodded to the ladies. They sneered at me, and I don't care. "What do you think?" He asked me. "Which one I should get for my bed?" I looked at him with a stern look. They laughed at me, and I turned away from them.

If Elianus and Valor is here with me. I thought. Great. I have to deal with arrogant people. I sighed in boredom. I see my grandma is chattering with her friends. I see my father is talking with Plutarch Heavensbee. I sighed again. I look around. So I decide to go to the garden. White roses is all I see. I have never been fond of white roses. I like daisies and sunflowers. All of sudden, I feel someone is watching me. I got the chills down my spine. But only I couldn't tell who is it, I turn my face to face whoever it is. There is no one.

I sat down on a bench, seeing the lovers making out on the yard. I started daydreaming about the Capitol work just like the Districts. All equality for them. Not wanting to be a slave to Capitol, not wanting to be stuck in a cage and perhaps we can work together. If only the Rebels has won the war, then we would be safe. Elianus would be very happy with me. And maybe he would have kids with me, for he fear his kids will go to the Reaping every year.

I went back, and I decide to dance with my grandma. We laughed because I couldn't dance. All of sudden, my mother barged in the front of us, shaking me and saying "Annelinnnnneeeeee, you are so different from any of us. Almosssttt... Like you are on a different planeeeettttttt." She slurred those words and her breath stank of alcohol. She was saying I was just like her. Someone's name, t-something. I didn't catch the name.

My father came and squeezed my left shoulder, bend down to my height, and said "We are leaving now. Your mother is making ruckus and everybody is watching us." I looked around the room. Everybody is watching at us and laughing at my mother. I'm embarrassed. So I grabbed my coat and I could feel someone is behind me again.

I turned back. It was President Snow. "How are you, Anneline?" He smiled at me. I got a whiff of something. It was white roses. I recognize it. It was a strong smell enough to make me gag. There is something hidden behind his smile, I couldn't tell if there is malicious or benevolence toward me, and I got the chills up my spine. "I'm fine." I said with a fake smile, not intending to be emotionless. "It is a beautiful party." "Don't you enjoy my party?" He smirked. "After all, it is for you."

What? I look at him intensely. "Why?" I asked in courage to cover for my nervousness. "Is it my birthday?" I tried to make a joke. "I knew it." "No, it isn't. But however, I do know about your boy toy." He smirked. I gasped slightly. "And your treatment of Avoxes. I knew of your treatment to everybody since you were a little kid. Why does everybody must suffer with you? I saw everything with you. Now, I will keep your secret, if I can tell you mine. District 12, one of citizen's younger sister will be in it. Now, don't you want to be careful? Are you going to have a problem with me, Anneline?"

He just threaten me. I gulped in absurd of him. I shook my head. "Deal." I'm not afraid of him. "As long as you keep your promise. "Oh, here is my present to you from to keep your secret. After all, you are no little rebel anymore." He took something from his jacket. My body tensed up. It was a white rose. I grabbed the rose. "Have a good evening, Anneline." He whispered and put his finger on his fat lips to hush me. He walk away casually, almost like nothing had ever happened.

We got in a car, my mother were muttering something, and my grandma give me a sad smile. I looked out of the window, thinking about President Snow threatening me and my family. I clenched my teeth in anger, not wanting to give anything away for my family to see. We dropped Grandma off at her house.

I start to feel sick on the way home. So my family and I went inside hurriedly to our home. My father and mother still are in a argument about her behavior. They are so loud, at least Adam's door is muffled by the sounds. I check on Adam, and he was sleeping peacefully.

As I went in my room, changed my clothes into pajamas. I put the rose in the trash. He just made a truce and treat at the same time by giving me the trash. I lay down, thinking about Elianus, Valor, and President Snow. Now, I have a dread feeling for Elianus and Valor. Soon, they will participate or other else. After all, it's Hunger Games tomorrow.

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