Capitol Girl

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3. Chapter 3

The silence was deafening and it make sounds. I walk in the living room, checking my family and looking for my family. They are not here. "Where could they be?" Elianus asked me, pursing his lips. I shrugged my shoulders. Usually, I barely cared for them since they take everything for granted, never noticing the hungry or dying. I could hear him shadowing me as I checked my room for last. It might've been possible that my father left a note there saying where they have gone, choosing my room, I guess, but for some reason unfathomable to me, then again it was a feeling.

I opened the closet door, crouching, checking on the floor for the note. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Eli on my bed staring at the teddy bear on my bed, his eyes somewhat intense with an emotion. I get up, picking up my body weight. "Eli, what's wrong?" I asked, turning my head. He sat down on the bed, holding the teddy bear in his hands. He looked up at me, the emotion still in his eyes.

"I remember when I first came to the Capitol, and your father saw me, immediately spitting in my eye," I almost flinched at the image in my head. I disliked how my father is rude. He continued, "Your dad isn't very polite to others who are not from the Capitol." I nodded my head, preferring to listen to whatever he says, I knew he wasn't much of a speaker but when he did speak, it was important. He chuckled darkly. "I remember I saw you with your baby brother holding him, not letting any of the Avoxes touch him. Not because you didn't trust them, but were...I can't describe it...It's just like you to have the world at your feet, and you won't have it." I stay quiet, waiting for more. He smiled sadly. "I remember you became my friend, not caring of what district I came from, for all you know I could've been from District 12!"

He smirked but I knew there was bitterness behind it. "Luckily, you convinced him I was your "boy toy", as they said it. But still...I can't help to still attract attention to myself...Your father never let me forgot that...Once, he took me aside while I was waiting for you here, and told me "I don't like you, I never have, even...something close to despising you...But, I have to deal with it since Anneline considers you something to play with until a real suitor comes along." It hurt my feelings but I sucked it up, knowing something will happen, leading us to accept each other.

I stared at him for a long time, wishing I could say words so eloquently as he did. He stood up quickly, the teddy bear falling to the ground, and looked at me once and said "I'm leaving." And he did, me looking in the direction he left.

I stood for a minute, sat down on the bed, and something wet was on my face. Wet? I touch my cheek, tracing back to my eyes. I cried for 5 minutes. Sleep overtook me.

Someone woke me up, it was my little brother Adam, I smile a sad smile, asking him to stay with me, and he obliged to. "Anneline?" He asked. "Hmmm?" I murmured. "Do you think we will live in peace?" His voice is filled with wondering and curious. "Yes, but one day someone who is brave can do it." I replied with assurance in my voice. "Why not you can do it?" He asked. "Perhaps, if someone is brave, then I can do it." I said with a sad frown. "Maybe the country will go to war." "Promise, you won't leave me?" His eyes are sad. "Promise?" "I won't." I raised my pinky. "Never." He raised his pinky too. We made a promise. I fell asleep, a word echoing through my mind, and it was my promise, "Never."

The noon struck, it wasn't peaceful, and all because of my father. He was telling me to get up, that I need to shower quickly. So I showered, saw a dress laid out on my bed, and I stared dumbly at it. Not wanting to wear it, but my father would be furious. I decide to wear a different dress, a black with red like fire effect. I came out of my room. "What the?! There is a dress laid out for you!" My father yelled out. "I don't like the dress." I said. "And where are we going?" "CHANGE THE DRESS NOW!" He screamed. "I DON'T LIKE IT!" "NO, I REFUSE TO DO IT!" I screamed back to him. "I want to wear it." I was trying to remain calm. My anger are getting out of the control.

"Dear, perhaps you should let her wear it." I recognized the voice. Grandma. "She like the dress that I gave her a not too long ago. She promised me she will wear it at the next party." "Fine." He give a hint of frustrating with me. "Next time, you will wear what dress I will laid out for you." He turned away in annoyance. Grandma smirked at me, saying I'm a rebel, and she warns me that my father is stressing out a lot more. I understood her. And we left the house. I have this dread feeling about this.

We are at this stupid party, I don't want to go, and mom is half drunk. The party turns out to be President Snow's party.

His house was huge. A yard of white roses. People chattering, laughing and eating. I went to get something to eat, so I grabbed a piece of chicken, wild rice, and a dessert. There, I noticed a some of kind drink. I recognized it. It was ipecac or something like that. I got disgusted by it, turns away, and bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry." I apologize quickly. "It's fine." A handsome guy with dark skin. But something about him stands out. It was his gold eyeliner, naturally body with no alters, or his aura? I couldn't guess... "I'm sorry, too." Huh? He saw my face of confusion. "Here." He show me something in his notebook. The exactly mimic of dress and fire. He was drawing me! I started to stuttering at him. How dare he? "I'm sorry, but your dress is very inspiring. I'm planning to use it for my Tributes." He said. Oh. "It's no problem, errr... but please let me know." I said. "I can't stand people like that. Mister?" "Cinna." "Cinna, nice to meet you. My name is Anneline." Well, Anneline how about a dance to make it up to you?"

I obliged to, dancing two songs, and I stumbled a lot. I tried to laugh it out by being embarrassed. Then we finished the dance, having some break, and he said "Anneline, I had fun with you. Unlike these people, they don't know what they are in for." I look at him, confused, and finally I get it. "Perhaps, one day." I said with a sad smile. "Anneline, you made my night really special, I have to go to bed early and for you, I will dedicate the dress for you tomorrow." Cinna said with a serious expression. "What do you mean by that?" I asked him in confusion. "What is tomorrow?" I was lost. "It's Hunger Games tomorrow."

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