Capitol Girl

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2. Chapter 2

"Anneline, wake up." Elianus said. "We are here." He left the room. I got up, pulled off the wig, brushing my hair, removing my makeup, and brushing my hair. I put on District 2 clothes. I come out of the room. "Much better, Anneline." He said with a smirk. "Let's go." "What about Valor?" I asked. "Is he off?" "Why are you concerned about him?" Elianus said with his eyebrows furrowed. "He is not important to you." "I'm just asking, I don't want anything happening to him." I said with a tingle of anger. "I don't want to be blamed by his death. He is my friend." He understood me. He sighed. "Yes, he went off like a minute ago." "Oh good." I said. "I just want to make sure." We got off the train, and ready to see his family.

Once we got here to The Nut, his home. I blend quite easily without people noticing me. Elianus hold my hands in case of people couldn't acknowledge I'm different. We walked all the way to his home. There, his mother Amandus and twin brothers was greeting us. They were very excited by my presence, and they like me because I'm humble.

"Anneline, how are you doing?" Amandus said with a kind smile. "Everything is alright at home?" "Yes, madam. Everything is alright." I seldom told her about my life at Capitol. I didn't think she would be interested in it. I smiled back at her. Oof! His little brother, John attacked me of the nowhere. I playfully wrestled with him. After I finished, I smell the delicious pasta. Henry, the younger brother went off with him. They left to the room to play in the other room. Amandus is cooking my favorite pasta, agnolotti. After I sat down on a stool, Elianus grew inches closer to me, he was smiling at me, and he said "When?"

"Now!" I lunged forward toward him, he was surprised and we fall back, wrestling into the floor. He tried to put his legs over my head, I pull his legs apart, and he put his hands on my hands. He slowly guide my hands up his legs, his stomach and his body. He stopped abruptly, leaving me breathless. I looked at him confused. "What?" I asked. Elianus suddenly got up from the floor. He extended a hand to help me up. I took it, lifting up my body weight. As I was going to walk towards the stool he snaked an arm around my waist, muttering in my ear, "Later, darling." causing my cheeks to redden. He winked at me. I walked slowly to the stool, feeling light-headed.

Amandus came out of the kitchen, setting the table up, and putting silverware on it. I helped putting the cups, napkins, and dessert plate covered by paper. The twins heard the clattering of the platter, they rushed to the table and tried to take a peek at the dessert. Amandus slapped their hands, the twins yelled "Ow!!!" and I laughed at them. "Boys, you mind your manners." She said with a serious expression, but there was a gleam in her eyes.

We sat down and ate the meal. The dessert was marshallow topping with two layers chocolate cake and the frosting was vanilla. It was amazing cake. So I decide to complement her on her cooking. "Do you cook?" She asked me. "No, but I learn how to cook for myself." I replied. "Ah, I see. Perhaps one day, I can teach you." "Yes, madam." I smiled a sad smile, knowing that Elianus will die in the Hunger Games, suppose they will accept me back or? "We have to go, mama. I need to get her back." Elianus interrupted my thinking. Screech! Then, his chair were pushed back. He look like he is furious at Amandus. I didn't know why he is so infuriated at her. All of sudden, he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the door.

We saw Valor on the way to the train. Valor took a one look at him and he immediately came with us. We walked in silence, our thoughts keeping us occupied and Elianus's breathing got heavy. We got on the train, I bribed the Peacekeepers again to stay quiet about this, and Elianus went to the room. Only Valor and me. An awkward silence is deafening.

"What happens?" Valor said with a smirk. "I don't know, one minute, he was fine, the next minute, he wasn't fine. He look like he is angry at his mother." I replied back. "All she asked me was if I can cook, and I answered back I can learn. She said perhaps, one day. All of sudden, he is furious." He burst out laughing, it caught me off guard, and I was not expecting him to laugh. After he finished laughing, and said "Don't worry, he always look like he is angry at something. We couldn't guess why he is mad when we see him at school. I don't particularly like him at all. After all, he got you." He winks at me. I blushed quite easily. "You need to stop flirting, Valor. Elianus will kick your butt." He laughed and said "Then, we have to fight over you." Huh? I turned to him. But he left the room. I was flabbergasted at what he said to me. He is always playful with me. So I decided to ignore his comment. I went to my room to rest.

I have the strangest dream; all I see was a young woman with black hair and gray eyes and she won the Hunger Games. I panicked and wondering, where are Elianus and Valor, and are they safe or dead? I woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for a breath, and I put my hand to feel if I am okay. Out of the corner, I caught Elianus are sitting on a chair close to me, and he began to stirs slightly. I lay back down. I closed my eyes. Elianus sighed in exhaust, he slowly put his hands to lightly touch my cheek, and he said "Anneline, I don't think I don't deserve you, I only wish we can live in a different world." He sighed again, and left the room. I feel the same way. I laid down, relaxing and waiting for the train to come home.

Valor knocked on the door, I hurriedly put on the makeup, my wig and my clothes. He opened the door, I was in the middle fixing my wig, and he said "Anneline, I think I'm not coming with you. Elianus is coming with you." "What?" I was in shock and confusion. "Why? My father would kill me." "I don't know what is in his mind. He paled and his knuckles paled for the first time. "But you are going to have to accept it." I noticed it, asking him "What's wrong?" I was concerned about him, and he refused to answer my question. All of sudden, his expression changed, and his eyebrows furrowed. I have never seen him so angry, because his personality are casual, and I touched his hands. He flinches, his face were dazed, and he took a one look at me and left.

Elianus walked with me all the way in silence, my thoughts are occupied with Valor, and constantly looking at Elianus. He wouldn't look at me, and once, we got there at my home. We are at the doorway, I asked him "Are you sure?" and he nodded. Click! I swing the door and hoping for the best.

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