Capitol Girl

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1. Chapter 1

I did not intended my life to turn out like this. I only want equality. I'm 16 years old. Even I live a privileged life. I was raised in the Capitol my whole life. My spoiled family are rich, and I quite despited them because of it, they are rich. But I looked down on them because they take it for granted. Of course, I never say it to my parents. My thoughts are my own. I'm surely glad about it. For that, I'm happy I don't like people probing around my mind. I never did like people. Only a few.

People I actually did like is my little brother Adam, my best friend Elianus, and my grandma. I cared about them very much. I do anything for them. Adam is my favorite brother. My favorite thing is about that we always pinky swear about everything. Elianus is... It's complicated. He is always thinking about this and at least, Grandma, she totally know how I feel and how I think. And I like that.

"Anneline!" My mom yelled into my ear as I woke up. She pulled the blinds up. Light hurts my eyes. I put the silky red pillow over my head, not wanting to hear her drunken words. My mother is drinking a lot of these days. She pulled the pillow off my head, threw them on the floor, yelling and shaking me, "Anneline, you must get up! Or, you will have a long day for me to yell at you." She slurred those words. And I despited it. She turned away and left the room.

I got up, and had a relaxing bath. I went in my room, for my room is too big for me, walls are splattered with red and white. A long mirror stand in front of my bed, my bed was made, and my clothes was laid out on my bed. I sighed in annoyance. Even I can do it, not them, I thought, damn it. I look at myself in the mirror, a girl staring back at me with olive skin, long light brown curly hair, full lips, brown eyes. I fixed my hair into two braided buns, wanting to go natural, put on the pink wig. All natural, I thought, I hate the Capitol makeup. The wigs are also necessary, because they are afraid of the Tributes will give them lices, and now, it is mandatory to wear it. I have to put on my makeup; eyeliner, mascara, fake pink eyebrows and neon pink lipstick.

As I was staring, I started to think about the Capitol people, the weird gems implanted in their skin, ugly dyed colors on their skin and feathers. I shuddered at that thought and quickly banished them. I removed my towel. I quickly get dress in a long black with pink studs, and black low heels. I quickly smiled as Elianus appeared in my thoughts. I should stop thinking, I thought, all the thinking is driving me crazy. I stride back to the doorway and left the room to start my day.

I noticed two new Avoxes. "Again?" I murmured. They served me food, and I thanked them quietly for in case of my family caught me. For my mother, she is drunk in other room, my father are on his trips, and he work for the President Snow and my brother Adam are at school. I quickly scarfed them down. I got up of my chair, put my dishes away and washed them. I turned to them and told my Avoxes to help themselves to eat. But they were so frighten of what might happen to them. "Listen." I said. "I'm not here to think you as my servants, but as equals. I think much differently than my family. Please eat whatever you want but be careful not to get caught." They nodded and turned away. I left the house to find my guide, Valor.

Valor were always waiting for me at the corner of the street of my house, I smiled at him, and I ran quickly. I hugged him tightly. Valor hugged back too. He smirked at me. He is handsome, dirty blond and greenish-blue eyes. Tall, buff, and muscular. He is my friend for two years. We talked and walked casually on the street. People were staring at us, for they think why we are together, since we are kids. It is because he look different, for I am Capitol and he might be a Tribute. We started to run, went on a different route and get on the train to Elianus's home.

We stepped on the train, the first thing we noticed was Elianus and that Peacekeepers were at their posts. I bribed them with money with them to go away to other room. They quickly left. Lamb stew with dried plums, chicken with orange sauce, mashed potatoes with cheese, and cakes are laid out on the table. Valor ate a bit of everything. Then, he went to the other room to sleep. Elianus smiled at me, and I smiled too. We sat down and start talking about our life. He talked about his brothers and his mother. I start thinking about my father.

My father didn't particularly liked him, it was because of the districts. But also, I convinced my father he is my "boy toy." I shuddered at that, which the Capitol have one, I don't remember his name, and all I know is he is blonde, and good looking.

However, Elianus is in district 2, which he work for the Capitol. He is a blacksmith, tirelessly working for a participation in Hunger Games, and for his mother, and his brothers. He is only 18 years old, a man of the house. They lived in a small village. His father has blew up in a mine, which he accidentally stepped on it. He give up his name 5 times for in exchange for more tesserae for him to grow food for his family. He is a good man.

"Anneline, wake up." He smirked at me. "Huh?" My thoughts were interrupted. I was lost. I realized at he was staring at me, he was leading me to the other room, and the bed were at. "I'm sorry, Eli. I must have spaced out, again." He chuckled at my joke. He sat down right next to me on the bed. He pulled me close to him, we laid down on the bed and he snuggled with me. "Soon, darling. One day. Maybe I can win for you." He teases me and whispered to my ear. He always teases me with that word "darling." "No!" I whispered too loudly. "Eli, I don't want anything to happen to you. "I don't think if I could do this without you." He said it with a serious expression. "I wish I can take you away from this." "I know, if only..." I said very quickly, in case of the Peacekeepers heard it. "Trust me, Eli, perhaps one day, someone can change this. If someone have the guts to do it!" My rage was bubbling, and yet his light green eyes calm me down. His tan skin, high cheekbones, dark long messy hair and muscular thin body. He is so sweet to me, it will hurt to see him in Hunger Games. I refused to see it!

I gulped, and still trembling from my anger, he took his hands on my arms to my face, lightly embracing my cheeks. My body start to shudder at his touch, and he stopped suddenly, and his arms went back to his side. I sighed in despair, wanting him to touch me more, but he wouldn't touch me. "Sleep, darling." He said. "You need your rest." He turn away from me. I won't rest until someone can do this and start the rebellion.

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