My Glass Slipper

Dayzee Ethanman was always asking why....
I used black magic to kill my mom. I befriended a weird emo boy... IM STARTING DOWN THE PATH TO LOVING HIM.....But... NO. Father says mortals disrespect our very existence. Thats why i hide behind dark clothes and stay in shaded areas. Chris says being emo isnt about the music or the clothes..... its who you choose to be... He thinks im emo too.If he only knew about who... or what i am.


4. Finding out the Truth

How to kill someone with black magic.


I am sure that the reason why you have asked this question is because you are so angry with someone that you would rather see him or her die. However, if you understand WHY this happened, you may be able to let go and find your peace again. Life is sometimes quite difficult, isn't it? One day we are happy and singing aloud and the next day we want to hurt someone. This is normal, especially when we are not aware of how the Universe works. To understand the Universe, it would be good to find out why we are here on Earth. Most wise folks believe that we are on the Earth to experience LIFE. Life involves living inside the mother’s womb, being born, childhood when we may be trying to establish our presence on this Earth and adulthood when we have learned some of the lessons that life offers. Also, as adults, we start to think of why we are here and what experiences we came to Earth for. As we all know, the soul or spirit cannot be destroyed. So if we kill someone, all that happens is that they release their physical body and goes back to where they came from. So killing someone can hurt only the person who remains on Earth. As we all know, when we do something to hurt another, we get hurt even more! Very few people who have killed others feel happy after that. They are usually overcome with remorse and would like to get a second chance to make things right. However, they are usually in prison by then and cannot do much. The practitioners of the beautiful and peaceful religion of Wicca DO NOT believe in black magic like my father. We know that if we hurt someone, we get hurt three times more. There are so many ways that people can get justice. If you are really hurt by someone, try to speak to an elderly friend or go to the council of elders. If you were hurt in love, remember that everyone has the right to fall in and OUT of love. There are so many people in this world who would LOVE to be your friend. Why focus on one of them? Life is all about choices. Choose the right way of dealing with life. Make positive decisions and you will always be showered with blessings from the Universe. My dilemma is that I don't believe in Brightest Blessings. When I told daddy that he scolded me and showed me something that i never wanted to see. 

He told me that i killed my mother when i was in a young aging!! With black magic!!

Daddy said that i her by practicing my death spell on mommy's picture. He also said this:

"I have always said and will say that always avoid Death Spell, as killing any one or harming a person is evil and should be avoided. But if you feel that you are troubled too much and disturbed, as someone has ruined or interfering in your life then you can use this spell to harm him or her and also punish him so that he will never be able to harm you or trouble you.

Now take a picture of the person who has disturbed you and troubled you. After that you will need Owls Blood and dip the picture in the blood. Once this is done go to a graveyard and there take a black candle and place it on the picture and light the candle and chant these words DUSHMAN ZERE NASHT HO, chant these words 200 times and come back. You may repeat these words every day and as you will cast the spell you will see that your enemy is getting destroyed and will be punished for troubling and harming you.

Now very important thing is that while casting the spell, don't be nervous or scared, as by doing this you will make an atmosphere of negative affects and negative energies around you and so you may not get the results. It is important that you are very confident and positive about yourself so that the spell will work for you and will do wonders.

Also if you feel that you can not cast this spell, or you feel that you are not confident enough then avoid casting the spell."



That made me cry.............. for a long time...


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