My Glass Slipper

Dayzee Ethanman was always asking why....
I used black magic to kill my mom. I befriended a weird emo boy... IM STARTING DOWN THE PATH TO LOVING HIM.....But... NO. Father says mortals disrespect our very existence. Thats why i hide behind dark clothes and stay in shaded areas. Chris says being emo isnt about the music or the clothes..... its who you choose to be... He thinks im emo too.If he only knew about who... or what i am.


1. Dead

First off, you died. Dead. Life flashed before your eyes, light-at-the-end-of-the tunnel kind of thing. No matter who you were or how strong willed you are, the very first thing that happens to you is that someone faster stronger and nastier stuck his teeth in your neck, and drank your blood until you died. That is not a good way to start out the rest of your existence. Then, just when you're getting used to this whole dead thing, as your soul is leaving your body, and you're pretty much resigned to heading off to your eternal reward, some nasty-ass bastard comes along and yanks you back. That's right, no afterlife for you, buddy. You're going to spend the rest of your existence right here, in this body. This dead body. That's right, dead. Your body is dead. The only thing that keeps it moving is the poor bastard stuck in it. Namely you. This is an experience to cause problems in the most stable personalities. How's your night so far? Which brings me to the second point.

Night. So tell me, what's it like never having any choice regarding when you'll sleep? As soon as the sun edges the horizon, boom, out like a light. You don't know what hit you and you stay like that until the sun is down. Oh, sure, if you really exert yourself, you might stay up for 10 or 15 minutes, but it leaves you drained for at least the next week. And what's the point really, you're groggy and can't make a coherent thought if your life depends on it, and oh yeah, don't get caught in that sunbeam.... can you say FOOM? Vampires are slightly more combustible than lighter fluid. And harder to put out too. Something to do with drying out and not decomposing.

And there's one or two other things too. Have you ever been hungry? I mean really hungry? Like haven't eaten in the last two days. Nothing at all? Then you know how hungry a vampire is right after feeding. Now, have you ever been starving? I mean literally, dying from lack of nutrition starving? I think you get my point.

Well, picture all of that for LIFE AFTER LIFE. Yep. That's my afterlife.


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