My Glass Slipper

Dayzee Ethanman was always asking why....
I used black magic to kill my mom. I befriended a weird emo boy... IM STARTING DOWN THE PATH TO LOVING HIM.....But... NO. Father says mortals disrespect our very existence. Thats why i hide behind dark clothes and stay in shaded areas. Chris says being emo isnt about the music or the clothes..... its who you choose to be... He thinks im emo too.If he only knew about who... or what i am.


2. Daddy's Batty Princess

 Well.... I go to school for being a real vampire so I can rule the vampire world. My sessions are private because I'm the vampire princess. they all go something like this..... 

First, hide in plain sight

Second, learn the art of misdirection

Third, don’t be greedy.  You feed too often or too recklessly, then somebody’s going to notice! 

Those three rules yelled and screamed at me all the day long!!

Other bits of advice:  Pretend to be Canadian.  No one knows what Canadians look like, but everybody knows they’re used to the cold so no one will think twice about your lack of an overcoat in winter. Don a bullet proof vest.  Yeah, regular rounds barely sting but these days silver bullets or wooden ammunition are increasingly possible.  Never eat at home, because blood stains are hell to clean up after and they always ALWAYS leave a trace.  Modern security tech is your friend.  Vicious dogs and thousands of obedient rats have a classic quality to them, but have proven far less effective than infrared sensor alerting a bunch of well-armed rent-a-cops.  Buy new clothes often, burning the old.  No matter how dainty your feeding habits, a few drops of blood are gonna spill.  Even microscopic ones.  Better not to leave that kind of evidence where somebody can find it.

Thing like this isn't taught at a regular school where everyone else goes. Yup... there are vampires everywhere you go. School, the mall, and, of course, the skate parks and skate shops all around the city.

But I can't go anywhere. The princess must be treated higher than the human public views of life. 

They try to feed me that kind of B*LL S**T!

But they don't know about Chris... My Emo Human Friend!!


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