My Glass Slipper

Dayzee Ethanman was always asking why....
I used black magic to kill my mom. I befriended a weird emo boy... IM STARTING DOWN THE PATH TO LOVING HIM.....But... NO. Father says mortals disrespect our very existence. Thats why i hide behind dark clothes and stay in shaded areas. Chris says being emo isnt about the music or the clothes..... its who you choose to be... He thinks im emo too.If he only knew about who... or what i am.


3. Back-rounding US

Vampires have been part of literature for ages and ages now. Almost all of today's popular fiction authors have at least one vampire story out there; the recently released vampire anthology, has shown us that. There are many that think that it was the renowned Bradly Owen and his legendary novel, Dracula, that started it all. While Dracula and the tale most definitely made vampires and vampire fiction turn into something that emo's read about or a big lie.... I got a man locked in a crazy home because I wanted to have a friend.... Dad allows me to visit him now that he sucked all his blood out.... That's when I found out that I wasn't entirely vampire.. My dad fell in love with my mom, but she was human!! Well... Blah, blah, blah... They fell in love... He sucked her blood out, and they lived happily ever after... Before she died. She had me and then some weirdo humans found us and killed her. We moved and I was never allowed to go out into the world ever again... But he doesn't know that I've been seeing this emo boy develop himself since he was in something called grade school.

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