Being Me

Scarlett Forum... The rich girl..... The one who denies being a snob.

What a life i live. Everyone expects me to be dumb and blonde and pretty. No. Just because my family is rich and wealthy doesn't mean im spoiled rotten. im a dark red haired, green eyed geek! im always chased by my peers because they want money..... i wish that i could live the life i want! i wish i was popular for who i am inside.. Doesn't that matter?


3. Why?

 Well now dad wants to start talking about my suitor. Everyone thinks that's cool. They all are saying "You're dad is approaching it the right way and obviously just interested in developing a relationship with a special guy for you, which is exactly what you want him to do." 

But the thing is... I don't want to get married. But all my friends are buzzing about it. They started looking for someone for me. They all give me stupid advice like: 

"Now, for what you should do..." They want me to find someone, so I'll give it a go. So I listened to their advice.

  Mandy  said this: "It doesn't sound like there's been any real movement to a relationship or signs that you're  interested, nor have you really expressed or hinted at that to anyone. It's totally understandable that you don't want to make a fool of yourself, and I still had that feeling before getting the courage up to talk to my current boyfriend for the first time.  But, the best place for you to start is to get to hang out with them alone in non-pressured situations. Essentially, see if you can hang out with him in a small group of friends first, preferably outside of school or a hang out. There you can make a point to subtly pay a little more attention to him than usual and build a little on the relationship."

   Ella added to what Mandy said by saying this: "From there, see if he's interested in hanging out with you by himself. It's way easier to do this as friends first and then see what happens. "Hey, I wanted to check out (say a movie he'll like here) tonight, but no one wants to go, you mind joining me?" or do something outdoorsy or something that's cheaper if money is a concern, but of course it isn't. Movies, hikes, things like are great because it allows both of you to focus on something else and not be forced to make conversation one on one the whole time. That can be awkward at first so having some little activity helps.  Once you get to a point where he's comfortable with you in one on one situations, then you can start to show some interest. It's easy to do this without putting yourself out there once you get to this point. Just tell him you like hanging out with him. If you get a change to subtly say he's attractive, smart, funny, whatever that works. Just don't gush too much. "

    Taylor added: "Then eventually, once you guys have hung out a couple of times and you've dropped a couple of hints about your interest... it's WAY easier to get a feeling if he's interested. From there you can decide to take the plunge and ask him out on a proper date or just let it be. But, you'll never know if you don't try.  But, don't bring money and stuff like that up. If you start talking to her more personally. It would be something he'd have to get used to probably if you start dating, but not something that needs to be out in the open."

I have a feeling that I won't like where this is going.    

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