Being Me

Scarlett Forum... The rich girl..... The one who denies being a snob.

What a life i live. Everyone expects me to be dumb and blonde and pretty. No. Just because my family is rich and wealthy doesn't mean im spoiled rotten. im a dark red haired, green eyed geek! im always chased by my peers because they want money..... i wish that i could live the life i want! i wish i was popular for who i am inside.. Doesn't that matter?


2. Rich, Popular, and suddenly wanted

  I don't want to. I never have. and suddenly... I feel like a lot of the more 'popular' kids are having such a great time and I'm just stuck in my spot on the social ladder. That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. "What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right."

That's my favorite quote of Albert Einstein. Yeah. I Know. Real brainy.

It's not my fault that my dad is rich and famous. I'm busier than ever and it's led to new opportunities. But I've never worried about being rich or famous - for me, it's all about the dancing. its my life. Constantly having to think about money was not nice. People used to say, 'Being rich doesn't make you happy'. And I'd think, 'I've got no electricity, nothing - tell that to my empty fridge'. but now i understand why they all say that. I'm not allowed to hang out with my best friend at her house anymore because she's poor.

Stupid huh...

I told her I was sorry but all she told me was "I don't want you to apologize for being rich; I want your dad to acknowledge that in America, we all should have to pay our fair share."

Well..... I hate life.


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