Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


20. Chapter Twenty

Violet's p.o.v

      As I stepped out of the car Kyle grabbed my arm as tight as he could. As we started to walk I said ," How Fucking could you do this you sick piece of shit!" He grinned and said ," Simple , I wanted too, Your dad wanted more money , and I got a ton more!" I shivered at his words and said ," You cannot keep me here , besides why would I stay!" He chuckled and said ," Well if you leave you have no where to go and if you go to your aunt's house she will be arrested. I got this figured out Vi. On top of that being rich has perks of getting certain things!" He yanked me closer to him as we entered in an elevator and I said ," You cAnnot keep me after I am eighteen. I will leave then!" He smiled and said ,"We will see about that!" 

     Soon enough we were in his apartment. He pulled me in and said ," Now I got a few rules ,1.If you do not do as I say , You will be punished ,2. No talking to anyone else including your guy friends, 3 if we go out you cannot talk to people you know got that!" I groaned and said ," How will you stop them from talking to me. They will recognize me!" He smiled and said ," Not after some changes!" After him dragging me to the bathroom and having to pass me out. He dyed my hair a dark black.With my pale skin I look like a vampire or emo. He smiled at me when I awoke and said ," How you like you new hair!" I looked at him and said ," I Fucking hate it along with you!" He shook his head and said ," You will hate me more when you look at the clothes I bought you!" He open the closet and I saw a bunch of bright colored skirts and shirt along with dresses and heels . Do I need to go on. 

  If you are going to ask what is so bad about that the answer is I hate these clothing. He smirked and said ," They will not recognise you at all!" I just groaned and said ," I Fucking hate you , You Fucking jerk asshole!" He shook his finger and said ," No swearing !" I went right up to him and said ," You already took away my life, friends ,self respect, almost every thing in my life. What the Fuck can you do to me that will hurt me any Fucking more!" He started to push me up against a wall and said. ," Your about to find out , and it will not be as magical as it should!"

              I woke up in his bed with his arms around me. I was crying my eyes out. He took the one thing I had left. It was probably 4 in the morning down. I slowly unwrapped his arms around me and wrapped a blanket around me and headed to his bathroom.I grabbed a change did clothes and some towels and took a shower. I sat down and let the water rinse away the memories. I was crying from bother physical and mental pain. Ok looked around and saw the one thing I needed. I grabbed the razor and Started to cut in my arms. The thing different about this time is I started to cuss my self out ," You Fucking no good piece of shit. You are too much of a Fucking Simonyi have stood up against him. You fat worthless loser!" 

      That started to be the rest of my three months here. The days he would take me out I would always try and run off which lead to more punishments , more to me than him. He took away my phone to ensure I could never talk to Luke again. Every now in than I would hear my phone ring and I knew it was Luke. Not too long it was a few days before my birthday. Kyle decided to take me out to a local carnival in town. I decided to actually be good because I need an escape and it seemed that this would be a good one. I put on a pink plaid skirt with black flats , and a white sweater to cover up my cuts. I let my hair down because Kyle couldn't take too much of a risk to people noticing me. Out in public he called me Kate. When we got there he had me hold his hand. We walked around and it was full of people. Eventually we stopped at a booth and Kyle said ," Can I trust you to stay here while I grab us some food!" I held up my wrist with my bracelet on it saying ," If I did you would find me still so ya!" He patted my now black hair saying ," Good Kate!" 

    He took off and I looked around . Eventually I spotted a familiar mop of colored hair. A smile appeared on my face as the boys were walking by. Calum still alone with Ashton, Michael and his girlfriend, but as I saw Luke go by he was with another girl. He looked alone in away , but the girl hand her hand intertwined with his. This broke my heart. A tear started to roll down my face when Kyle came back he said ," What is wrong?" I shook my head and said ," Nothing my plans just changed."

Luke's P.O.V

       Michael heard there was a carnival in town and said ," We need to go it is today only!" I shook my head and said ," I do not feel like going I want to wait here!" Abstinent down next to me and said ," I get it dude your heart has been broken. You cannot help she actually wants to stay with her dad. He just turned out to be a nice guy." I shook my head and said ," That is the thing after that one text of her talking me up that she  has not replied and on top of it all I met her dad and he is the biggest Asshole out there!" Michael said this," Listen I got a friend of Alexis who I can hook you up with. Come with us and go out with her and after that we will not bug you." I nodded my head and said ," Fine , but I am not agreeing to participate in anything.

     We got to the carnival and the girl kept holding my hand. She talked a lot , but about shoes and other scrappy girl things. During apart of the day I caught a girl with black hair starring at me. Her face seemed familiar and their was hurt in her eyes. I could not go talk to her since Sara or whatever her name is kept pulling on me to hurry up. During the night I spotted her again and she was with Kyle.I then sequestered and Looked closer at the girl , but I still could not tell who she is. Kyle left her and I went over to the girl. Her back was turn and I said ," Hey, I am Luke . Do I know you!" She turned around and That was when I knew who she was ," Violet I thought you were with your father?" I shook her head and said ," Please go before I get in trouble with Kyle. My father did not want to keep me so it was a trade off with Kyle , but it looks like you already moved on so I think I will stay. I have no where to go anyways." I shook my head and said ," I did anything but moved on. Michael forced me to come with her. I want to help you. Tell me.what is he doing to you." She looked around and said ," Just go he is coming and I do not need to be trapped in a room again!" I saw the scared look in her eyes so I left. When I did I took out my phone and went up to Michael," Hey dude, You remember where Kyle lives right?" He nodded his head and said ," Why do you need to know?" I started to dial 911and said ," I know violet is there because I just saw her here with him and I do not think she is there willingly!" 

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