Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


29. Chapter twenty nine

 Violet's P.O.V

                                A couple weeks passed by and I been staying inside for as long as I can. Once both weeks I went out to get supplies, but that was it. I knew graduation day would be coming up in another week and that is the one thing I don't want to miss. I just cannot go back yet. I know I am fine since as seniors we got put early and are finished , so I do not have to worry about missing school and such. I miss Luke and the guys , but it was all too much. They treated me too different and I did not like it at all. I got it at first it was to protect me, but at this point it was because they were all scared. I sighed and carefully looked out my window and saw the sun setting. I was getting ready for it to be dark because that is when I usual go out in the back to chill. I sighed looking out the window again and just wished, just wished that when I got back things will be different.

                LUKE's P.O.V

         As weeks pass my heart breaks due to her absence. I am scared for her wondering why we basically pushed her away, but now I don't think she is coming back. It is graduation day. I am getting ready in my suit and gown to get to the ceremony. It's sad too, she manage to become valedictorian. It sounds weird with her missing school a lot , but what no one talked about is how she got everything done and got amazing grades. Through everything she has been through she pulled it off. returning her work in after she was kidnapped, after she her attempted suicide, she kept it up too, and even when she was left alone to take care of  her brother, she still kept everything up. She spent most of her life preventing everything from crashing around her and no one has ever knew.

                        I heard Michael's car beeped ready to take me there. I grabbed my cap and phone and took off. Everyone in the car was silent. we were all too worried about Vi to even car about this. For crying out loud no one knew she made valedictorian till the passed week. She kept it from all of us. She kept many things from us. Like the stash of pills she never took that are in her bedside table. We been so focused on everything that had happened, we forgot to focus on everything but that. We pulled up to the place ad we all hopped out, we entered and took our seats awaiting what should be a happy time , but for us is a sad time. 

                            Once the graduation started it was hard to pay attention. After everything, there was one thing left before we got out diplomas. The speech the Valedictorian made. Our principle went up there and announced her, but you heard nothing from her. Finial she explained she will not be here . Right before they went to move on , you heard a soft voice shout ," Wait!" The people on stage turned to their left and soon enough a figure was coming too. It was violet. She was in her cap and gown and dressed amazing. She ran on stage and said sorry to our principle and then the principle gave her the microphone. She took a second to catch her breath then said," I am going to make this short, but right now we made it. We survived what some would refer to as the four years of hell. We made it and I am more enthusiastic about it than anyone. Right now most of us are going far from our homes and we are given a second chance. We can forget about our mistakes or dramatic moments and live somewhere no one knows. We have a chance to reenvent our selfs for the better. High schools over and if we are still going to live like we are here than we aren't ready to go. So take this chance to step out and change!"

         Her speach felt more to her heart than it did to any of ours, but  I get it ! This was her farewel, she needs to be somewhere else, somewhere where there is no reminders of her past. I only saw her one last time receiving her diploma and a scholarship to Stanford. After the ceremony most were in a good mood all happy, but as for me and the guys we were thinking we could find her, she couldn't be that far gone. We drove around but saw no signs of her at all. Instead we went back and all went to Michael's for the party his mother set up!

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