Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


24. Chapter Twenty four

 Violet's P.O.V

                       It took about an hour to get back to my house. It was silent and that is because my aunt had to meet up with our lawyer. It was about twelve o'clock and I went to the kitchen and gathered supplies. Tears were still streaming down my face. I went to my room and started to write several letters one to the people who deserve one. before I did anything irrational I grabbed my house phone since my cell was gone. I dialed Luke's number wanting to hear his voice one last time.  It went straight to voice mail.I sighed and said into the phone with tears streaming down my face," Hey, Luke I just wanting to tell you that I'm sorry for leaving so soon, I just didn't seem to I guess adjust at the moment. I just wanted to tell you that so you would have less to think about....Well bye I love you." little did he know what I meant.

                         I left the notes neatly stack on my bed, my aunts first since she would probably be here first. I then looked down and decided I should do this in the bathtub so It would be less messy. I got in and looked down at the knife I was holding. It would take one slit on each of my wrist to end it all.Tears were streaming down my face. I heard then my phone start to ring my I ignored it and started to cut. When I moved to my other wrist I heard my voice mail go off and heard Luke saying," Violet , what's wrong, why are you crying. Where are you...I'm coming to find you right now. You need me and I need you." My last tear fell down my face as I finished my other wrist and the blood just came out causing me to black out....

         Luke's p.O.V

                        After hearing her voice mail I was panicking. She sounded distress and I just knew she needed me. I told Ashton  where I was going which was her house first and if not that limits to where she could be to two other places. I started to zoom past everything in my car. I was freaking out and I don't know why. They way she sounded on the phone scared me. It didn't sound like her at all. It could have been. Or could it. I got to her house to see her bedroom light on and When I thought relief would fall over me , it did not. Her front door was open and I raced to her room. When I got there I saw nothing of her , but some notes scattered on her bed. Addressed to the boys, her aunt, her dad, Kyle, and me. I then decided to look in her bathroom. I open the door slightly and saw her, but she didn't see me. blood was coming out of her wrist and she was knocked out. Tears were breaking in my eyes and I said," Please don't give up , don't give up Violet please. Please. I called nine one one and they were on their way. I locked my hand with hers and just kept saying please.

           When they got here they started rushing her aboard and started to work on her wrist. They told me to meet her up at the hospitable. I nodded my head with tears and started to cry. Before I left I looked at her bed and picked up the note she wrote me and read it:
                             Dear Luke,

                        I know I promised to tell you the next time I felt the urge and you would help me, but I could not this time. You deserve much better than me. I feel like I am holding you back. You deserve a girl who is much better then me. One who dose not involve psycho ex boyfriends or crazy fathers. I love you though and I guess that is why you deserve better. I want to see you happy I want you to be happy and I feel like I am never happy enough for you. I'm sorry I choose this way out, I choose the most painful way to go for me, you , and everybody else. The thing is though , you taught me what it felt like to be cared for when I lost all hope. You showed me what true love is and I will be forever grateful for that. The one thing I won't forget in this cruel world is you. Luke you gave me a better life in the months I known you than the years I had without you. I love you so much I am letting you go and you should do the same for me.                                   I wrote you a something at the bottom



                                                     Days on end tears would stream down my face.

                                                      It felt as if I was drowning in my own lake.

                                                     Days on end I would barely sleep.

                                                       Due to the thought I would never be able to eat.

                                                     Days on end I would dream of a better world,

                                                         In hopes one day I'll find that road.

                                                      Days on end were no more, the minute you walked through the door.

                                                            You swept me off my feet and took me to a world I could not believe

                                                       Nights on end I would stay up thinking about you and how much you changed me too.

                                                      Nights on end I would be laying next to you wishing of nothing better to do  

                                                       Nights on end I would wish everything was true,

                                                                 but the sun will rise again  and so will the moon.

                                                      So days or nights there is no in between, they come back to each other like the beach and the sea.


                                                                                                                                           Violet xoxoxo

            Tears were streaming down my face and I got up with the other letters and made my way to the hospitable. Once there I started to call up the boys and Miss.T I was scared so much I was walking back and forth creating a ditch in the room.When everyone came I explain to them what happen and how they have her in the emergence room right night to sew up her wrist because the cuts were too deep. At the moment we were wall in a weird mood.




                          Hey guys sorry It has been a while since I updated last. I been caught up with school work and sports . I would like to thank you for ready because honestly their is not many chapters left for this story. I would  like you guys to please comment what you think so maybe I could think about a squeal if that is possible or maybe creating another story like this one and so on. Another thing is I have another 5sos fan fiction out called "Being reckless on more time" Go check that out and updates may be slow for a while so just hang in there and I will update as soon as I can next time.

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