Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


3. chapter three

 Violet's P.O.V

     I changed into some black skinny jeans , one of my old band shirts, and wore black flats. I went light on my makeup and left my hair all over the place. I walked slowly down to the kitchen and already could hear the voices of my Aunt and Michael. I walked into the kitchen and my Aunt sat down a plate next to Michael, who was eating some French toast. French toast was slapped on my plate and I sat down slowly eating. About half way through Michael said," We got to go now, Bye Miss. T." My Aunt waved bye and we headed to his car. We started cruising towards school with his music jammed up on a Blink182 song. We enter the parking lot with stares for our disrupted music so early.  I turned down the music and said," You really don't care do you?" He gave off a chuckle and said ,"Not really, Why should I try and fit in when I'm perfectly fine with myself." I gave a small smile and said," True."

         This time when I entered the school Michael's assistance was not needed. I made my way to my locker and grabbed my first hour books. I made my way to History and slowly drifted to another world. It sadly was interrupted by me bumping into someone. I looked up to see Calum. He helped me up and said ," You alright?" I shook my head yes and he said ," Are you sure , there is a giant bruise on your stomach!" I looked down and saw my shirt riding up to the bruise Kyle left. I pulled it down and said, " Yeah , I just ran into my counter this morning . Nothing to worry about." He chuckled and said ," Must be a clumsy day then." I gave a small grin and said ," Maybe this place is cursed."He shook his head and replied with ," Just takes getting use too." I nodded my head and the final bell ringed and made us part ways.

               Most of my day was spent avoid talking , which was hard since all the guys wanted to do was talk. Michael was going to Ashton's house with the guys so they were coming with us , until I saw Kyle standing out by the curb in the way to the car. He opened his arms for me , which was him basically saying make me look good. I went up to him and gave him a hug and he gave me a kiss. The guys were starring and then I said ,"Michael, Luke , and Calum this is my boyfriend Kyle. Kyle these are my friends." They all said hi and then Kyle said ," I wanted to take you somewhere is that alright." I looked at Michael knowing he was suppose to take me home and he shook his head yes. Part of me was glad he did , yet the other part wished he said no. They guys exchanged a goodbye and then I was off with Kyle.

                             When we were a good distance away from school when Kyle started to pick up his speed. He was still pissed about yesterday and I'll be still paying for it . I looked out my window watching all the houses and trees go by. Somewhere in my brain I though about what it would be like if my dad never left. Would I even be at this place or will my life be how it use to be. A tear crawled down my face at this thought and I heard Kyle grunt ,"Like you don't cry enough already." I wiped away the tear and said," Like you care." He slammed down on the breaks and said," IF YOU EVER DISRESPECT ME AGAIN,YOU CAN JUST FORGET THIS LIFE BECAUSE YOU WON'T NEED IT!" I gulped a little and kept quiet knowing it was useless to even try and defend myself. He just scoffed and said ," That's what I though B***H." Pain struck through me. When we arrived at his place we walked silently up to his door. We got inside and he said, " Now listen here B***H, you will do as I said! Got it?" I looked down at the ground and said," I'm not doing anything I don't have too. Besides I don't need your support anymore. I don't see why were still together." He pushed me up to the wall and said," If that is how it is B***H then why don't you go to someone else. Oh wait who would want an ugly piece of S**T like yourself. It's horrible you even think those boys were your friends. It's obvious they just pity you. " I gulped and said," It's better than violating me." He slapped my face twice. IT was stinging and I knew it was bright red.

                                    I then said," Let me leave now. I'm sick of you doing this to me." He let go of me ," Babe no. Don't do that. I love you too much." It almost sicking me how he went to abusive to caring like that. Tears were falling down my face and I said," I can't please just stop." He bent down and kissed me then said," Just go home and chill out we will be better by tomorrow." He shoved me out of his apartment. I walked down the hall way and found a spot to break down crying in. He is messed up thinking he could just smooth things over by telling me to go home and chill. Now for my 20 minute walk again. I knew my makeup was probably ruined , but that didn't stopped me from keeping my head up. My life is a wreck and I can't think of a way out of this. He is right though. Who would want me anyways. I'm ugly ,fat, and let's not forget a huge mistake. 

                    About ten minutes in I started coming by and area with music blasting. I saw the source from an open garage. I started to walk by when I heard someone Shout ," Violet is that you?" I looked in the garage to see the boys. Before I could pass by like I wasn't myself they all came running to me. Their eyes looked at my new bruise with my makeup running. Luke spoke up first saying," What the Heck happen?" I looked down at the ground and said," Nothing, I was just being clumsy." Ashton then said ," Show me the table that has a hand  then!" I then said," Just let me continue my way home." The guys shook their heads no and Michael said," It was that Kyle dude wasn't it?" I looked at the ground and said," It's none of your business now leave me alone. I met you guys  literally  day ago  . That does not mean you get a big fat invitation in on my life." Regret was filling me after I said that. They probably were the only ones at the moment who gave a care in the world for me. After that I took off running.

                                          When I got home I ran to the bathroom and locked myself inside. I looked at my self in the mirror. The red mark was turning a purple color on my cheek bones. My pale face really made it pop out. My blue eyes looked dull and grey from the tears. I looked down at my wrist and saw the marks from a month ago. I was doing so well and I know it too. I couldn't help it however when I reached over to my razor and slashed across my wrist exposing my flesh to the pain in my head. afterwards I cleaned up and then went to my bed to sleep away my troubles with hopes of never waking up. The only thing that came with sleeping were my nightmares.


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