Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


10. Chapter Ten

Violet's P.O.V

           Luke slowly pulled apart but rest his forehead on mine. We were starring into each others eyes ;speechless. Before any real words could be spoken, my garage door open and my Aunt called out ,"Violet I am home!" I smiled and took Luke by the hand to the kitchen. My Aunt had set her stuff on the counter and as soon as she saw us she said,"Hi violet and Luke." Luke then said," Hi Miss. T." My Aunt picked up her stuff and said," Well, you two have some fun I am going to bed a bit early I had an exhausting time!"  I smiled and said ," Okay, we will probably leave later so  do not worry if you wake up and I'm not here." She nodded her head and made her way upstairs.

          When we hear her door close Luke smiles at me and said," I am guessing you like me too then!" I giggled and then said ," No, I just decided to kiss you back for fun." He smiled then brought me closer to him then whispered,"Want to have more fun?" I then said," Why not!" The gap is closed between us again and it felt like magic. When we pulled apart again he said," Now I think I have to go to band practice and I am sure you are coming with me." I smiled and said," Like I said what's a band without a groupie. We linked our hands together and walked over to Michael's.We walked into the practice room and the boys were in there own world with there instruments. I broke off from Luke and sat on the couch.

           After two more hours of the guys goofing off and playing there songs? The guys stopped and joined me on the couch. Of course Luke sat right next to me and wrapped his arm around me and the others filled in around us. Ashton then grunts while trying to squeeze in saying ," We need a bigger couch or Calum needs a smaller ass." I started laugh then Calum says ," Please my ass is better than yours!"  Ashton jumps up and says,"Ass contest right now , stand up if your in!" All the guys stood up and I said," Who is going to judge you?" Calum then replies,"Well you duh!" I shook my head and said ," Fine, turn around!" They all turned around and basically stuck there butts in my face.

        When they were done strutting off their butts they all turned around and said," So who has the best butt?" I put my hand on my chin and said ," The person who has the best butt is.....Me!" The guys looked at me and said," Among us!" I shook my head and said," I think Luke has the best butt!" Luke was jumping with joy and the other guys were talking me to make another call I laughed and said," You asked for my opinion, I gave it to you!" Luke came over to me then said," Wanna go grab a bite to eat?" I smiled then said ," Sure, I would Love too!" 

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