Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


16. Chapter sixteen

 Violet's P.O.V

               I woke up to a pounding headache, which was a great start to this wonderful day. Note my sarcasm. I got up and dressed in a long flannel shirt with leggings. I straiten my hair down today and applied a light coat of makeup. I walked downstairs and started to eat my breakfast while waiting for Michael. My aunt was giving my the hotel my dad was at while the 'case' was going on, so I could go there after school. When Michael did came I started to beg him to skip school with me, but sadly today was the day he wanted to go because it was his and Alexis's anniversary. I found it sweet that one girl made him do all this stuff. She was pretty lucky.When we arrived at school I spent most of my time slowly walking around to each class dreading as the hours ticked by to see the man I blamed everything on.

                           Luke was sweet throughout the day. He made jokes to cheer me up and was trying to distract me from what was on my mind. I loved that about him. He got me to smile , but the second we split apart for classes was the second things came rushing back into my skull. By the end of the day I was personally will to do anything to not see him , but if I did not there could be the fact my aunt is trying to keep me from him in the case.I met Luke at his car waiting for him to come. When he did he smiled at me and said," Don't worry, I am sure things we be fine. Besides , it might be good for you to see him again.!" I stared at him and said," When did you become Dr.Phil?" I started to laugh as we entered the car and he said," I might have been ummm watching it last night with my mother!" I tilted my head and said," Your a mamma's boy aren't you?" His face turned a shade of red and I started to giggle and then I said," That is soo cute!" Finial he started to go to the hotel. 

                    When we pulled up in the parking lot my stomach dropped way below sea level. Luke noticed that as we entered the hotel and grabbed my hand and held on tightly. I was comforted by this and I was given a little bit of confidence back. We walked up to the lady at the desk and asked for his room and once we were given that information we made our way up. I soon was facing the door that the man I once referred to as my father stood behind.I took a deep breath and knock on the door. We heard shuffling around and some one almost yelled," Dammit" Finial someone open the door. I looked at a man who was different than the one I remember. His hair was graying along the sides. The loss of hair was noticeable. wrinkles were places along his face.  He had a slight tan , but being in California will do that. I finial said," I am violet." He put a smile on his face, but you could tell he was not happy to see me. He was angry by the way his eyes looks." MY daughter , it has been too long. Look how much you have change. MY sweet little girl is all grown up," I choked on the words he said." You have no right to call me your daughter or say I have grown up since you abandon me and Billy. You gave that right away," I say to him. Luke squeezed my hand as to calm me down and than my dad said," Come in so we can talk more." Luke and I walked in together and sat down on the couch there.

                    My dad sat on the chair across from us and then he said," So who is this?" I Looked at Luke and than said," This is my boyfriend!" My father nodded his head than said," So ...How did you and Billy survive all those years ?" I simple said," It was only me, Billy killed him self not too long ago. I did it by getting three jobs on top of school." He nod his head than said," Well, I think I should tell you why I left now," I nodded my head ," You look so much like your mother you know that! That was the reason. Every time I saw you and it was a reminder that your mother was gone. Eventually my heart could not take it and I had to leave . I was planning on coming back , but after a year or so I thought you guys could be anywhere by than." I stood up and said," did not have to leave us with nothing.You could have given us to someone who would take care of us who would be there unlike you. You left in the middle of my life no note no, no nothing. Billy could be still here if you have not left. I wouldn't have had to sell my self if it weren't for you, My life is a Fucking disaster because of you and now out of anytime you want back it. Let's face it , you just do not want to go to jail. You are just saving your ass. Do us a favor and just leave and go to jail for all I care. You made my life hell!" I grabbed Luke's hand and started making my way out. On my way out I heard my dad shout out," You fucking brat , you will regret yelling at your father like that when you move to California with me!"

                       I was too mad to stop walking out at top speed.How dare he believe they will ever let him take me back. How dare he think I would regret yelling at a man who left me. Eventually I felt two arms grab me and bring me into a chest. Luke started to hold my head and said," Calm down, it's alright. You walked a mile away from him basically." I broke down in tears than and said," What if they do let him take me back, I can't stand being in the same room as him and I don't think I could stand being away from you. I would not make it I wouldn't" I stated to him. His grip tighten and said," IF they did send you back to him , I would wait and so would you. By the time they decided you will be eighteen in a few months and you can move back over here. We would video chat every night. I would text. It would be painful , but I would wait to see you again , if that is how it has to be. " I wiped my tears and said," Thanks Luke for coming here. Honestly I probably would have just jump in a train if you weren't here." He nodded his head and we made our way to his car.


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