Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


6. Chapter six

  Violet's P.O.V

                      I got to Michael's Garage and knocked on the door since it was close. the music stopped and I heard them talking . Someone came to the door and opened it. I was glad to see it was Michael. I smiled at him and said," Thanks a lot." He gave  a grin and said," Please like I would forget about you." I step in and the door closed behind me. Luke was carrying on with tuning his guitar , but Calum and Ashton were staring at me. I walked closer to them and said ," Guys I wanted to say I am sorry for yesterday , I did not mean to yell at you or even say that. In fact there is no excuse I should have never said that , but I did. I just want to say I am sorry . After the couple of years I have had you get so use to people not caring about you and just leaving you to defend for yourself. I kind of forgot what is like to actually have people care for me," at this point I was crying at the," I actually care for you guys too because you are actually trying which is the most anyone has done beside my mother and brother." Calum gripped me in a hug and said," IT is alright please no need to explain." Ashton joined too , and then so did Michael and Luke.

              Once our group hug was over I looked at the guys and said," I thought I would tell you why I put up with Kyle and any other thing you might ask , but let me tell the story first." They all nodded and I decided to sit down. Luke sat next to me with the intent of comforting me since he has heard this. " About a year after my dad left, it was getting hard to support myself and my brother with the two jobs I had . Prices were increasing and soon enough I had to figure out a plan for collage or something. Kyle I guess knew I never really know how, but he said that he could help me with my problem. If I dated him and did basically what he wanted he would pay for our needs. He was rich and dead serious and I was about broke and needed the money. I accepted. At first it was not bad at all , but eventually I started coming home daily with bruises. He would call me fat , ugly , worthless, and It got to me. I started to believe him when he said nobody would ever want me. So I stuck with him because I felt if I ever let him go that I would never find anyone again. I came to accept his beating as me doing something wrong that I needed to improve and it basically came down to me trying to be what he wanted me to be. When my brother died it felt like I had no one else  but him. I still do not see that every bit of this is wrong , but I id breakup with him today and I guess I just need to relearn my old way of life without him now." Again tears were strolling down my face and Luke was squeezing my hand.

                          The guys understood after the story so no questions were ask , but they did say a bunch of things that made me feel better. " Violet , listen if you every need someone to talk to come to us. We are your friends now. Also if Kyle bothers you ever again we will personally beat him up," I giggled at the last part Ashton said and then Michael chimed in saying ," What Ashton is trying to say , even though he could pounds us all , we will take a beating for you." I smile and said," Thanks guys a lot . How about we get off this topic and you guys play some music. " They all smiled and started to play some Green day. Afterwards we had a blast watching some movies. When I had to go It was a little sad because I had to go back to my lonely mind.

                        For the next few weeks I had about the same routine. Go to school with Michael , hang out with the boys afterwards, mega sleepovers with them on the weekends. I almost forgot about everything. I did not cut once during these weeks. I felt almost whole again. We were all becoming best friends. Luke was probably even closer to me than the rest. He would somethings text me good night texts and good morning . I found it cute and I guess I just started liking him more. I was starting to forget about my worries. Until I was reintroduced to one. On Tuesday I had to walk home because Michael and the guys got detention. The walk home was not the probably , it was when I got home. There was a car parked in my drive way and I could not place it at first. when I got up to Michael's house I saw it was Kyle. I deiced to just hurry up and get in my house. I walked passed him with out a word with my house key in hand. As I was stepping up to the door I heard his car door slam shut. I started to unlock as fast as I could , but he grabbed my arm and turned me to look at him." Let me go!" I said while gritting my teeth. A smirked appeared and he said," NO, you will listen to what I have to f***ing say and like it." I Tried pulling away and I said," Just leave we are through and I know that everything you been telling me is false and I do not need to listen to you anymore. " His smirk widen and he said," Are you sure? You really forgot about how ugly and disgusting you are. How no living been really wants to be with you. You forgot that your brother basically killed him self because he wanted to get away." When he mention my brother I started to cry and said," Just stop and go pleas just go." His grip instead tighten and said," Come on we both know the story you tell people is false he did not get killed in a gang fight or fell in the wrong crowd that is just what you want to believe. He killed himself in your house with a gun just to get away from you."  

                           I was breaking down in front of him and said ," That is not true , its not true just leave me alone. Just leave me alone." He let go of me and said, " Fine , just remember when you figure out nobody wants you I will be the one you come back too. NO body every wants to stay in your pathetic life. Not your mother , father, or even brother. Soon those boys will see that and maybe your Aunt too." He walked away and I went straight to my room in full out tears. My life was just made for people to walk out off............ Why?

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