Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


7. Chapter Seven

  Violet's P.O.V

          I was breaking down for an hour straight. I almost forgot that the boys were going to come over. I heard a knock and at first I was ignoring it because at this point it did not feel worth it. The knocking became constant and soon enough I head someone calling ,"Violet!" I got up and looked in the mirror and fixed up my face. All I can see are my puffy red eyes, my smeared mascara , and just the paleness of my face. I wiped off the mascara and made my way down to the door. I opened up the door to see all four boys. Calum ,who was at the front, said," About time , we were about to......Have you been crying ?" I started to shake my head no, but tears started to fall again.

    Claim wrapped his arms around me and lead me to the couch, while the others got in and closed the door. The Eventually one of the boys said ," Why are you crying, I'm sure we aren't that ugly." A giggled escaped my lips , and I stopped crying long enough to say ," Kyle....came by my house when I got home !" Luke's face showed rage and he said ,"What did the Dick do?" I shook my head and said ," He didn't do much ,but say the truth . He kept saying what happened to my brother was because of me and sooner or later I will come crawling back to him."  Luke came up to me and lifted my head and said ," Your brother got killed by a gun in a gang, that was not your fault!" I shook my head and tears came out as well. " That is not how my brother died...I tell that because it was easier to believe," Luke backed away a little and said ,"You did not kill did you?" I shook my head again and said," Technical , No, but he killed him self and I blame my self because I did not do a good enough job for him. I could have saved him if I did a better job of taking care of him, if I was not so.. so horrible!" I put my face in my arms and I heard Ashton speech up," Violet, you did the best you could for him. You couldn't have been the cause okay!" I shook my head and said ," How would you know, or me , he left no note...not a single thing to tell why !"

       The room fell quiet as I released my last few words. Michael then said ," How about we got cheer you up, I got a lot of sweets at my house and some movies we can all watch?" I nodded my head and said ," The best thing I heard today." They laughed and we walked to his house. The movies were great and funny , the ice cream helped clear my head , but something was still in my head. At the end of the night Calum and Ashton took off and Michael went to bed. Luke wanted to walk me home. As we got there I looked at Luke and said ," Can you stay , I do not want to be a lone right now?" Or ever I mumbled. A look sparked in his eyes and he said ," Sure , I'll just have to call me mom, what about your aunt?" I opened the door up for us and said ," Out of town for the next few days, business." I locked the door behind me and said ," We can share the bed , just keep space between us." He nodded his head and said, " Do you mind if I sleep with my underwear , since I got nothing." I giggled a little and said," Only if that it stays on !" He laughed and said," Well I guess I'll go call my mom quickly , see you up there."
                                             I got up and got ready for bed. I put on Shorts and an old T'shirt . I put up my hair and slid into my bed and turned on my T.V waiting for Luke to come up here. When he got up he said," I am going to get ready in your bathroom." I nodded my head and continue watching T.V. He came out in just his underwear. My eyes wondered up and down until he said," Hey, my eyes are up here!" I laughed and said," I know , I just was testing you." He chuckled and said ," Sure you were, It was not like you were checking me out or anything!" I rolled my eyes and said," Hop in before I make you sleep on the floor." He then got in the other side and for a while we watched some T.V together. At around 11:00 I turned it off and said," Well, goodnight," Luke said a quick goodnight too," Oh and thanks for staying, I really did not want to be alone." He gave me his one of a kind smile and said," I could not think of a better place to be then your bed!" I smacked his stomach and said," I am trying to thank you and you're being a pig.  Seriously though thanks." He then said,"I was serious too, I could not think of a better place to be." I smiled and whispered one last goodnight.

                                When I woke up a felt a hand wrapped around me. I looked over my shoulder to see Luke and I managed to cuddled up in the middle of the night. A smile was put on my face because Honestly I haven't been cuddled before. Kyle thought it was overrated.I looked at the time to see that we were late for school. I started to freak out and jumped out of the bed rushing to the bathroom. I then heard a groggy Luke said," Why are you rushing?" I looked at him and said," We are late for school. That is why!" He sat up chuckling and I said," What is so funny Mister!" He was shaking his head and said," I got my mom to call us in sick today, I thought you could use a break. I also left a note on your door for Micheal saying you were sick." I groaned out loud and said," Why did you not tell this sooner?" He was still laughing and said," I thought I did , but I probably was too caught up with you wondering eyes." I crossed my arms and then said," Well, I am going to grab me some breakfast. If you care to join grab your own bowl of cereal." I started to walked away and made sure to shake my hips. Soon enough I heard his feet get up and start to follow me.

                                     I got down to the kitchen and started to reach for the cereal boxes, but the shelf was too high. I was starting to climb up when I heard Luke said," Let me help...What is that on your wrist?" I knitted my eyebrows together and said," What are you talking about.." That was when I realized I was wearing a T'shirt and my wrist were fully exposed showing the newly cuts on them. I got down to my feet again and said," Their nothing okay I just fell!" He looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes and said," Yea , maybe on knife! Why would you...Why are you going to this." I looked down and said," IT is because i deserve it Luke ...I deserve to get every ounce of pain back as I gave off."


               Can you guys please tell me what you think of this....I would really appreciate this and check out my other books, they are not fanfics about 5sos or anything just books I wrote..Really appreciate that too. Thanks bye


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