Twisted Fate

Violet's life was horrible. Her mom and brother died ,her dad abandoned her at fifteen , and too top it off she has an abusive boyfriend who she won't leave out of fear and the beliefs no one else will want her. She cuts the pain away and after being discovered for living alone at seventeen she is relocated to her Aunts house.
Violet meets four boys who might just flip her dead end life around , but will one boy make the difference that save her from the fate that awaits her , or will she just stick to the only life she knows.


19. chapter nineteen

 Violet's P.O.V

         When I got home I just went straight to bed again. And then the longest three weeks of my life started. The trail was a process and During those week I was distancing my self from everyone. I was able to stay home from school since they understand, but I still had to do my school work.The boys usually came to visit especially Luke.  They understood , but the thing is though I though it would be better this way. A week before the final decision I overheard my Aunt talking with her Lawyer. And what he said scared me the most," I wouldn't get your hopes up, Your brother in law has made a lot of bucks in Californa and his story is getting to the jury. His chances of winning are greater than yours ,but I will try and make sure you win!" His words make me cringe. I couldn't imagine going back someone where with him. I couldn't imagine leaving Luke. The day before Luke came over and we watched a movie. We snuggled the whole time getting the most of our time if worse came to worse. The boys and my Aunt kept telling me it will be fine , but even they are covering up the lies.

      When we went to court I was force to dress nicely and go to the stands. When I was called up my Aunts lawyer started to ask me questions ," Miss. Clarke tell me about the two years you lived by yourself?" I nodded and said ," Well, when I found out my dad left my little brother and I , I knew that we wouldn't be able to support ourselves so I got two jobs on top of school. I had to stop hanging with friends and going places to make sure that I can still give my little brother the things he needed. It worked out fine the first year , but as the second year came by two jobs was not enough and Billy could not get a job to help , so I found other ways to get paid. Eventually Billy killed himself and here I am!" I was going to tear up but I saw Luke sitting in his spot giving me a smile! " Miss. Clarke please tell us about your other way to get paid?" I looked down and said ," This guy I knew said he will take care of me and my brother if I would be his girlfriend!" The lawyer nodded and said," Can you describe what this experience was like?" I nodded my head and said ," At first it was not bad a few dates , kisses , nothing major . He started. To treat me like trash eventually making me change the way I look and Beating me If I did not listen.  He called me things that I still believe him on and what he did still affects me!" After my statements it was my dad's turn and so on.

     The end finally came and the judge was starting to speak, " Violet Clarke will be in the custody of her........Father!" I looked at Luke and squeezed his hand . My Aunt came to hug me and said ," I am so sorry!" We all filed out of the court room when the papers were signed. I had three more days at my aunt's until I had to leave . I went to my room as soon as we were at my aunt's house . I started to cry on my bed when I heard a knock. I said a small come in and then I felt someone sit on my bed. I looked up to see Luke and I said ," I cannot leave you or the guys , you guys are the first people who gave a damn in my for a long time. I cannot do this!" Luke wrapped his arms around me and said ," You got three months in till you're eighteen. When you birthday hits we can make arrangements to pick you up and bring you back here. Until then we can text and call each other and even Skype!" I nodded my head and said ," A lot can happen in three months , and I do not want to drag you down waiting for me. " He squeezed me closer and said," You will not drag me down ,I want to wait!" I pulled apart from Luke and Looked into his eyes ," You made me promise to try and stop cutting and if I did I would talk to you! I am making you promise that you will not wait for me, And when I come back after three months give or take the time to get back here and you still want to be together we can!" Tears were flowing down my eyes he was shaking his head and I could tell he was going to cry ," Promise me that please ...promise me you will not wait for me continue dating as much as it hurts just continue on without me , I do not want to be responsible for something you did not do because you were too busy waiting!" He nodded his head and said ," I promise I will try. But can we have until you leave ?" I shook my head and said ," It is less painful this way!"

.    Three days paSs and I said my final bye' to everyone befor Ihpp intent dads car. I looked out the window an cried at last. I looked a the diection we were going and said ," Hey , this is not thethe way to the airport ?" My dad chickpeas said ," ou are not going anywhere you spilled brat, I made agrragements for you!" Ihen screamed ," YOU FUCNG BATARD HOW DARE YOU FUCKNG DO THIS YOU DESERVE TO GO TO FUCKING JAIL!" He shook his head and then I tried to open my door then he said ," Child locks are on!" I grunted and started to kick the seats.

.      When we arrived at whatever location h went on th phone and said ,"Hey I am at the back entrance with her. Come and get her now!" I looked around for a way I could leave but he made sure I remained back here. The next thing I know someone is knocking on door. LooKed to see Kyle who was grinning! My door unlocked and he opened it. Kyle turned to my fath and said ," Nice handling things with you, Leave her stuff back here I take care of it later!" He looked at me an held out a cloth and said ," Now we can go up the easyway or the hard way!" I nodded my head to comply with the easy way hoping for a way to escape.

.     A/n

.     Hey , I would really appreciate if you guys commented what you think. I am not sure if i will continue this anymore. please let me know!

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