Why they buried Louis

"I love you Harry"
And that's when we lost him


1. Road trip!

This story is all In Harry's POV and is about 3-4-5 chapters! Enjoy

Me and the boys were having a great day at the beach. Together we decided to take a hike to the top of a trail. When we got to the top,we looked down and saw the ocean.

It didn't seem as far down as it actually was.

We were all playing around pretending to jump off the cliff.

Having done it before…Louis decided it was a good idea to jump down and see if he could land on the docks below.

But before I could grab him...Louis jumped.

Sadly,he missed the docks and hit the rocks beneath the water.

"LOUIS!" I screamed.

Me and the rest of the boys desperately ran down to the water to search for him.

Niall found him on the side of the beach barely moving.

"Over here!" He yelled,while kneeling next to Louis.

"I'll call for help!" Liam yelled and pulled out his phone.

I ran over to be by Louis' side.

I held him in my arms and cried.

"Harry,don't leave me." Louis whispered,weakly gasping for air.

"I'm staying right here!" I cried as I grabbed his shaking hand.

Hey Lovelies,I want to say that I didn't originally write it,it's just a good story so I decided to write it on here.

Love ya


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