What If?

What if we aren't what we seem?


5. Dolls (Grace, aka potato.)

We've all seen a doll at least once in our life. Some of us played with them. 

Dolls are just little, inanimate figures that are a little girl's favourite pastime. But what if we're dolls ourselves? True, it would mean we are some greater force's "favourite pastime," and I most likely wouldn't be allowed to type this, should that be the case. Key words: most likely.

Of course, the greater force- I am naming the force Bob- might've been told to not interfere with our free will. Bob might only be allowed to play with us when he's bored, and no other time. 

Perhaps Bob sees us as we see Barbie dolls: little figurines that are fun to play with, but really nothing more than just a blob of plastic. No heart, no soul, no nothing. Or maybe Bob knows we are animate with our own thoughts and occasionally our actions. Who knows? Bob. Will we ever know? Probably not.

I do think religion plays into this, at least a bit, so don't read on if you are sensitive.

Of course, most religions see God as the creator of mankind. I myself am religious, so I see God as the creator, though I often question how and why (another chapter). For the sake of this chapter, though, I'll take a scientific viewpoint.

Should we completely deject God as our Creator, one question remains: how were we put on Earth? Yes, there was the Big Bang, but that was the creation of the universe. But, possibilities still remain for our creation. The doll theory is a crazy one, but if a speck of virtually nothingness can implode on itself and rapidly expand, can we be dolls? I believe so. 

Under the assumption we are dolls, we must've came from another planet or galaxy, maybe been another universe, or this universe is a lot older than we think, and Earth is way older as well. Think about it this way: how can the first Bobs arrive on Earth, take out their little plastic dolls (primitive us), play with them often, and we still have the time to evolve to what we are today, with Earth only being so young? Maybe we have the time wrong, but with my previous statement, there is another theory. The Bobs come from somewhere else, a planet called Bobania in a far-off galaxy, maybe universe, and we were the playthings there. Something happened to Bobania, and the Bobs moved off the planet and found Earth. Since we were already made and evolving, this theory seems to fit more (should we have Earth's age correct.) 

Truth be told, the world may never know. Maybe we're like Sims characters, maybe we're not. Who knows?




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