Noel is a big fan of 5sos and she finally gets to meet them. What will happen?


4. 4

"Calum, wake up, we have to leave soon."  I shook a sleeping Calum. He grunted and pulled me into him. "Cal, seriously, get up, we have 30 minutes until we have to leave." He eyelids fluddered. Finally! I thought. "What?" He asked with a husky morning voice. "We leave in half an hour." I repeated. He nodded a sleepily got up. I finished packing my suitcase and made sure I had everything. Calum went back to his room to pack and get ready. Maddy also wasn't back yet. I threw her stuff into her bag so she wouldn't be franticly trying to pack last minute. She came barging into the room a few minutes later. "Here, I packed your bag for you." I told her, handing her the bag. "Oh my god Noel, thank you so much, I overslept." She said gratefully. I smiled and nodded. "Oh, and I'm bringing Cal home with us, then I'm moving to Australia." I said shyly. "Really? Ashton asked me to move into an Apartment beside his, so I'm moving to Australia, too!" I hugged her tightly. At least I don't have to say goodbye to my best friend. 

Maddy and I walked out of our room and met up with Ashton and Calum. I checked out of the hotel as Calum did the same. We all got into my car. After shoving all our bags in, Ashton and Maddy climbed into the back as I drove with Calum in the passenger seat. Maddy sung along to the radio the whole way home with the rest of us joining in when we knew a song. "You're a really good singer." Ashton complimented. I looked into the rearview mirror and saw she was blushing. 

After dropping Maddy and Ashton at Maddy's house, I drove Calum and I to my house. I was a little nervous, after all, I go to a concert and come back with my famous boyfriend and tell my family I'm moving to be closer to him, not to mention my sister, Lily, is a bigger fan than me. "I thought that I would tell you, I haven't told my family about you, and my sister may attack you or faint." I said casually. Calum looked scared. "Don't worry, you'll be fine, and it's only until tomorrow." He relaxed a little. 

When we arrived at my house, I grabbed our bags and Calum took them from me to carry them in. I asked him to wait in the foyer for a minute. When I walked in, my parents and sister gave me hugs. "How was the concert?" Lily asked. "It was amazing." I answered as she scowled. She wasn't allowed to go because our parents said she was too young. "Oh, and I also have something to tell you." I said as my family looked at me curiously. "Um, Cal, you can come in now." I called as Lily's eyes grew. "No way!" She squealed. "Please don't freak." I pleaded with her. She took a deep breath as Calum walked in. "So, this is my boyfriend, Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer." I said as he waved shyly. "I recognize you.", my dad said, studying Calum. "Noel, is this a boy in that band that's always on the covers of those magazines you always buy?" He questioned. I sighed, exasperated. Thank god, my sister answered. "Yes, dad, he's Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer, she just said that." She said matter-of-factly.  "Anyway, I'm moving to Australia tomorrow to be closer to him." I said carefully. My dad immediately said no way in hell. "But dad, I'm 18. I'm an adult now and I want to move." I said, my face getting red in anger. My mom calmed my dad down. "C'mon, she is 18, we should trust her." He said calmly. "And I promise to call all the time." I interjected. "I also think I should mention that we will be in different flats." Calum added, trying to convince my parents. 

In the end, my mom let me go, but my dad didn't agree. I hugged my mom and went upstairs to pack my things. Calum came up to help, which my dad was not happy about. When we finished, I had three more in addition to the one from the concert. Calum lifted me off the floor and spun me in a circle. "I'm so excited." He said, putting me down and hugging me tightly. I smiled and hugged him back. 

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