Noel is a big fan of 5sos and she finally gets to meet them. What will happen?


3. 3

I quickly got into my swiming suit and threw a coverup on top. "So I'm going for a swim, can you meet me down there in about an hour?" asked Maddy. "Yeah, sure" she said with a ton of curiosity.  I smiled and waved to her as I walked into the hallway.  Calum was already in the hall, waiting for me. I looked at what he was wearing.  Blue swim trucks and a plain white shirt.  "All ready?", he asked, grabbing my hand as I said yes.  We walked to the pool in a peaceful silence and our fingers intertwined.  When we got to the pool, Calum walked in and sat on a lounger then motioned for me to sit on his lap.  When I sat down, he put and arm around me and interwinded our finger again.  "So I had a question," he began, "Would you ever move to Austrailia with me?" I thought about it as he continued. " There is a flat in my building, right across from mine and in between Luke and Mikey's. Would you consider renting it and being closer to me?" he said quickly, trying to convince me. I looked up at him. He looked serious. "Yeah, I would definitly consider moving there." I answered. "In that case, I also watd to know if you'd like to be my girlfriend." he said, pulling me closer to him. I couldn't talk, or even breathe. I had been dreaming of the moment Cal would asked me to be his girfriend for the last three years. All of my dreams were coming true. "Noel, NOEL?" Calum called, pulling me from my daydream. 'Are you ok?" he asked, worriedly. "Fine, and yes, I'd love to be your girlfriend. Calum jumped up with me still in his arms and hugged my body tightly.  "Let's swim for a bit." he suggested after letting go of our hug. I got out of his arms and shook my head.  "i don't like water very much." I said shyly. "C'mon, do you think that i would let go of my beutiful girlfriend?" he asked me. "Fine, don't let me go though." I told im with a serious tone, taking off my coverup.  He picked me up bridal style and carried me into the water. I was staring at him the entire time.  Finally, he caught my eye and crashed his lips onto mine.  I pulled away for a second until I got into a different postion, so that i could wrap my legs around his waist and hold onto his neck. I kissed his soft lips again, but he took it deeper as he slid his tongue across my bottom lip.  I opened my mouth slightly so he could get his tongue in.  I pulled his hair slightly. He pulled away from my lips to kiss my neck. He went up and down he length of my neck with small, soft kisses before going back to my lips. I smiled against his lips, making him smile.  Suddenly we heard people burst into the pool area. We both pulled away quickly, but it was too late. The rest if our group had came to the pool. "What the fuck?" Michael asked. Calum just looked at me and shrugged. Everyne jumped into the pool. I noticed that Maddy and Ashton were teasing each other. "Oh and by the way, nice bikini." Calum said, still holding onto me . I playfully slapped his arm.

After a few hours we decided to leave. Calum walked me back to my room. I invited him in. He walked in behind me. I looked at the time. It was almost 9 pm. I was really tired. Maddy came into the room an grabbed some clothes out of her suitcase. "I'm sleeping in Ash's room tonight." I nodded. Calum was standing by my bed. After she left, I asked, "Will you stay with me tonight?" Calum smiled, nodded and ran over to the room he shares with Ash and grabbed some clothes. While he was gone, I quickly showered and put on my usual pajamas. 

When I got out of the bathroom, Calum was back. "You showering over here?" I asked. He yawned and nodded. I climbed into my bed as Calum took his shower. It only took him a few minutes. He came out and laid beside me with his arm wrapped around me. "So, are you coming home with me tomorrow then we leave for Australia or what are we doing?" I asked, getting closer into his bare chest. "Um yeah, I think I'll just come home with you and we'll leave together." He replied, hugging me. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. 

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