Noel is a big fan of 5sos and she finally gets to meet them. What will happen?


2. 2

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't get up.  I could feel someone beside me in the bed. Turning I realized it was Calum Hood! Then I remembered what happened last night.  I looked down and saw that Calum's arms were wrapped tightly around me.  Weren't we apart last night though?" I wiggled out of Calum's arms.  Then I tried to wake him up.  I wanted to get him out of the room before Maddy woke up.  Luckily, she sleeps heavily. Finally I got him to wake up by shaking him really hard, even though I wanted to kiss him.  "Hey babe, what's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing, I just wanted you to leave before my friend wakes up, she's a huge fan and will go nuts on you and the rest of the boys", I told him quickly.  He nodded and jumped out of the bed.  I handed him his clothes and he pecked my lips. "See you later." he winked as he got dressed. I nodded and opened the door for him. He hugged me quickly before leaving. I shut the door and woke Maddy up.  The concert was in two hours.  "Maddy! Maddy! Concert time!" I yelled while shaking her. She finally woke up.  Rubbing her eyes, she went to the bathroom with her stuff to get ready.

About an hour later she was ready and it was my turn. I went to the bathroom, showered, dried my hair, curled it, and got dressed.  When came out of he bathroom, I realized it was time to go. "Maddy! Time to leave", I called to her. We opened the door and I saw the boys were leaving, too.  I turned to distract Maddy, but she had already noticed them. "It's them," she yelled excitedly, then shoving her way past me and ran to them.  They all got pictures with her.  I couldn't help noticing that Calum didn't kiss her cheek for the picture, and his arm was around her shoulder, unlike how he had his hand at the small of my back for mine. I smiled upon noticing his.  Ashton offered to take us to the staduim. Of course, Maddy said yes.  

We decided to walk down, I was surprised we didn't get mobbed.  Calum and I walked together, away from everyone else.  He held my hand the whole time.  "Hey, so the boys and I were going swimming after the concert. Did you and Maddy want to come?" I smiled at him and nodded my head. 

When we got to the concert, the boys informed us that we could watch from the side of the stage. Maddy lpoked asifdshe was going to explode from excitement. "Noel, can you meet me at the pool and hour earlier than ebryone else?" He asked. "Yes," I shouted as he was being pushed onto the stage.

After the concert was over, e boys walked as back to our room.  "Look, Ash and Maddy are really hitting it off." I looked over and saw Ashton walking down the hall with his arm around Maddy and making her laugh.  Smiling, I told Calum, " Ash is Maddy's favorite band member." He nodded and asked,"Who's your favorite?" "You," I replied.  He smiled. 

We were finally at our rooms. "So you wanted me to get changed and meet you at the pool now?" I asked.  He nodded.  "OK, see you in about 10 minutes," I said, walking into my room.

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