a curious adventure in the bed sheets

a man goes to bed and when he wakes up he has a strange surprise that will get him arrested


1. in the bed

once around a time there was a teenager who was going to bed.

he washed his hair so it wasn't blue anymore.

and he went to his bedroom.

he found a blonde girl in his bedroom wearing pigtails.

he didn't remember her but he deiced to sleep anyway.

he had a sleep and woke up in the morning.

he dyed his hair purple and wore a black skirt and a striped t shirt to disguise himself as a girl

and he went to school and got a gun

there were many people he would like to kill

byut he lost control and killed the others as well

and then the police came

he was caught and sent to the electric chair 

he died

a rather he woke up

he found he shot the girl with pig tails

and himself.

he wet himself 

the police were coming 

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